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Struggling to find worthwhile opportunities while dating in Canada? Try eharmony. We’ve become the No.1 Trusted dating app* by consistently empowering members to find their own love story on our platform.

We specialise in fostering sincere, lasting connections based on compatibility and help your odds of relationship success by providing a highly curated list of suitable matches. This ensures that you not find singles near me, but you find the ones who are actually worth your time and effort. Let’s look a bit more at our services.

How to meet singles near me in Canada

Due to the outgoing and outdoorsy nature of many Canadians, meeting local singles in your everyday life can be remarkably easy. Here are a few ideas:

Due to the outgoing and outdoorsy nature of many Canadians, meeting local singles in your everyday life can be remarkably easy. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hostels – Got a trip planned? Modern hostels are generally quite pristine, providing affordable and comfortable communal lodging while naturally putting you in touch with new people.
  • Get walking – Walking a dog is a great way to meet singles near me in a low-pressure way. Otherwise, just go for a walk yourself or perhaps join a walking group.
  • Hit the markets – From farmer’s markets to night markets, most towns have monthly events for meeting all types of locals.

Some of the drawbacks of trying to meet singles near me offline:

  • Congruity is a challenge. While many people are just not single, some may also not be interested in dating or looking for anything serious.
  • Approaching someone can be nerve-wracking as people aren’t always open to the idea at that moment.
  • Finding local dating opportunities can take up a lot of your spare time and energy.

Learn how to find singles in your area who are really right for you. 

We help you find meaningful local connections

In contrast to any other dating site in Canada, eharmony has a unique data-driven way of finding local singles. Beyond our vast membership pool of authentic, respectful singles that we draw from, we’re able to build on the knowledge of each of our successes around the world, improving our compatibility system to help over 2 million people find real love in Canada, the US, Australia, the UK and so many more countries.

Here’s how we can do the same for you.

Start your local dating journey on our site or app

Beginning your dating journey on eharmony couldn’t be simpler. Here’s how you can get started in under 30-minutes:

  • Completing the Compatibility Quiz – This is the first thing you do on our platform and will form the basis of which single we match you with. This specialized quiz was designed by our relationship experts to gain insights into the inner you.
  • Exploring matches – After you’ve set up your profile, it’s time to look at some singles near me. Each match is assigned a Compatibility Score based on how your quiz results complement each other.
  • Start chatting – You could send a message or use one of our other exciting tools such as the Icebreaker.

Not just singles near me but so much more

Your Match List is the starting point. These are just singles that fulfill a certain compatibility threshold. From here you can quickly pick out matches that also meet your more conscious relationship goals such as age or proximity using our advanced filters and criteria.

We offer a large variety of filters as well including

  • Education
  • Height
  • Income
  • Religion
  • Shared interests 

These help you work through your list quickly and efficiently.

Profiles that share genuine insights on people

Once you’ve used the filters to find some singles near me that spark your interest, it’s time to explore their profiles. The Similarities section will not only give you some starting points for your conversation but also impart a more three-dimensional idea of the person on the other side of the profile, thanks to our richly detailed profiles.

Find out their hobbies, the passions that fill their weekend hours and even the small things about themselves they find unique.

Local dating with peace of mind

Dating safety is always a concern which is eharmony makes it a priority to ensure that you feel safe. Member complaints and reports are dealt with swiftly and decisively, with complaints processed 24/7.

We also regularly comb through user profiles to weed out accounts that are deceptive, abusive to users or just plain fake. So, when you communicate with Canadian singles on eharmony, you can do so with full confidence and assurance. 

Date locally without compromising on compatibility

Whether it’s finding the time to put yourself out there in your local community or just that often-felt sense of wasted energy whenever you try out a dating app, finding love locally in this modern technological world is more challenging than ever. And this isn’t due to a lack of choice but rather an overabundance of it.

What eharmony does is take all the noise and distraction around modern dating and turns down the volume. Offering you a clear roadmap to the previously unseen meaningful relationship potential all around you. Find it on your dating journey today. Join the fun at eharmony.  

*source: 2022 Survey of 1,300 Respondents from the US, UK, Canada and Australia

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