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Singles of Thunder Bay – Find Love in the Calm Eye of the Storm

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Nestled between the great Lake Superior and the majestic boreal forest, and overlooked across the water by Sleeping Giant, Thunder Bay feels as if imbued with a special kind of serene magic. A place where people cherish their rugged surroundings and make the most out of every season. Singles in Thunder Bay make up almost forty percent of the adult population. For those singles looking to get out there and experience something new, the Lakehead is a place of unique possibilities.

Good to know: Dating in Thunder Bay the traditional way

Obviously, the pool for dating in this city isn’t as large as other major cities. However, the local university and college as well as the emerging food scene helps maintain an active and vibrant social presence in the city. This warm community atmosphere makes meeting singles in Thunder Bay quite easy.

It’s no secret that singles here are extremely outdoorsy, year-round. If you’re the type of person who prefers four walls and a cosy fire, that’s also fine, but you might want to consider branching out and exploring some kind of outdoor hobby to meet and connect with new types of people.

Where Thunder Bay singles mingle

  • Downtown Port Arthur – There’s no better place to run into the right person than the culinary and nightlife centre of the city. Check out The Foundry for exciting events and live music. The nearby Marina Park is also a great space to meet people during the day.
  • Canadian Lakehead Exhibition – Held each August, this exhilarating, historic fair gives the town a special kind of energy that you can’t help but get caught up in. The veritable cornucopia of vendors, events and activities provide a great opportunity to meet some new singles in Thunder Bay.
  • Sleeping Giant Provincial Park – From hiking to ice-climbing, this amazing park isn’t short on activities. Join a club or outdoor society to meet some singles with similar interests to you.

Singles in Thunder Bay are finding each other online

Our dating lives can sometimes feel like the weather, random and prone to instances of bad timing. Like being single for months and then meeting someone you connect with the day before you’re supposed to depart on a long trip. Or finally working up the nerve to ask someone out for coffee only to find out they just that week started dating someone. It’s just bad luck really.

People turn to online dating in Thunder Bay so they can remove luck from the equation. It not only lets you control when and where you make yourself available for connecting with people but also guarantees that the people you encounter are looking for the same thing as you.

How eharmony works in 3-Steps 

Let’s take a look at how eharmony makes the process of dating online even simpler while offering you more control over your dating life:

On the first step of your dating journey, we look at who you are. To quickly get a good idea of this, eharmony gets you to complete the Compatibility Quiz upon joining. This quiz gives vital insights into your personality, what you’re passionate about and how you engage with others.

The second step is eharmony delivers you your Personality Profile and based on that, immediately populate your Match List with people you’d be a good fit with. Your Personality Profile is plotted on a visually intuitive 32-dimension Compatibility Wheel so you can quickly review how well the people on your list stacked up to you in the areas most important to you. You also get assigned a compatibility score based on this for even easier reference.

The third step is to get out there and start connecting! You can choose between a number of features that will help to get the ball rolling and ensure successful connections. Favorite the people in your Match List who interest you, send them Smiles to catch their attention or use our Icebreaker feature to for a handy conversation starter.

Where to take a first date in Thunder Bay

So, you’ve got the date in the bag but now you can’t figure out what you two should do together. We’ve got some ideas:

  • Get out of the city for the day at Thunder Oak Cheese Farm. Sit at their café and sample some of the farm’s award-winning gouda and various other international cheeses on offer.
  • Support the local arts while experiencing first-class entertainment at The Magnus Theatre. Different plays are presented throughout the year, from raucous comedic farces to grand musicals.
  • While fat biking may not be for the faint of heart, this thrilling, high-adrenaline activity certainly makes for an interesting date and it’s a great way to explore the boreal forest.

Dating in Thunder Bay? eharmony helps you finding the right person

Seeking for a partner in Thunder Bay is a singular experience. Whether you enjoy zipping down treacherous mountain trails on a bike or leisurely walks along Marina Park boardwalk at sunset, it’s a place that lets you take life at your own speed. We think that finding the right person for you should be no different. Take control of your dating life with eharmony.

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