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Singles in Guelph – Find Your Prince or Princess Charming in Royal City

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

With the Speed River that flows through it, feeding the area’s majestic lakes, underground creeks and glacial potholes, plus the historic Victorian era downtown heart, which pumps life, art and culture along the arteries of its old European-style radiating streets, Guelph is a place that feels almost tangibly alive with history and possibility. Somewhere amongst all this dynamic vitality and the forty-seven thousand singles in Guelph, is the right person for you. Find out where and when you might find them.

Challenges dating the traditional way in Guelph

The city’s proximity to other major cities such as Kitchener, Waterloo and Toronto as well as the presence of the prestigious University of Guelph helps the city have a very active and varied dating scene, with people from across Ontario interacting with the city. However, it also means that people dating in Guelph socialize quite widely and often, in neighbouring cities. This can make the local dating pool a bit scattered and fluid. Sometimes, finding the right singles for you might involve a bit of travelling, dating outside your usual social circle as well as a willingness to put yourself out there and try something new.

Where to bump into singles in Guelph

  • Nature Guelph – An all-round nature appreciation group, the club has an enthusiastic membership as well as several programs that let you explore Wellington Country with others and even participate in conservation.
  • The Round Table – Board Game Café & Tavern – Known for its warm atmosphere, impressive menu and a spectacular selection of board game. The tavern hosts various events and evening that are perfect for joining games and meeting singles in Guelph.
  • University of Guelph Arboretum – Take a scenic walk along the Trillium Trail, take one of the many workshops held in the park – such as photography and garden design – or attend the Outdoor Art Exhibition held there each year to meet singles from all over.

Exchange more openly the new way with online dating

For many of us, the beginning stages of dating in Guelph can be a somewhat tense time. You spend the first few dates trying to get to know this person who is a relative stranger, which can make you a bit nervous around them. You’re still trying to figure each other out and establish common ground so you can feel at ease with each other and exchange more openly. Using dating apps in Guelph can help to ease this getting-to-know-you stage by providing a casual, pressure-free platform for getting acquainted, so by the time you decide to meet, you already have the initial foundation for a successful connection.

Get the full picture with eharmony

One of the ways eharmony gets you from shy introductions to engaging in dynamic and meaningful ways with others as quickly as possible is through our relevantly detailed profiles. Some dating services can get a bit bogged down in detail, forcing users to read through longwinded biography sections to get to the pieces of information that are most important to them, when looking for singles in Guelph.

eharmony strikes a healthy balance between anonymity and information overload by structuring profiles in a simple way that’s quick and fun to read, concisely supplying you with information the other person wants to share about themselves. For example, their hobbies, taste in music, life skills, their pets, their religious outlook, whether they want children and much more. This is designed to give you quick insights on the person and discover commonalities so you have some solid starting points for your conversation. It can also tell you whether or not this might be the right person for you before you choose to connect. You choose what information you share about yourself though. Almost all the profile sections are optional. It’s also recommended to fill out as much as you’re comfortable with so that you get successfully connected with other people.

Where to take a date in Guelph

Make your date one to remember with these simple ideas:

  • The Boathouse Tea Room – A local summer-time favourite with an unbeatable view of the Speed River, this simple restaurant is particularly famous for its ice cream.
  • Mustang Drive-In – Enjoy the charms of a simpler era at this retro drive-in. It also hosts all-night film festivals, for those who want to get comfortable and test their endurance.
  • Elora Quarry – Located just an hour outside the city, the park’s swimming hole makes for a serene picnic spot that isn’t too overcrowded.

Singles in Guelph – The heart that life and culture beats through

With its historic Victorian era downtown area, central Ontario location and vibrant board game cafes, Guelph knows how to celebrate its past while fully taking advantage of the moment. A place where you might find the right person for you at some retro drive-in or while exploring the immense biodiversity of its parks. If you want to get out there today and meet people that right for you, why not let eharmony lend a hand?

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