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Dating in Halifax – Where Community and Culture Come Together

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

People dating in Halifax get to enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s a place with all the culture and energy of a big city mixed with the charm and accessibility of a small town. The city’s six universities, eclectic music scene and effervescent nightlife help make Nova Scotia’s capital one of the most dynamic and welcoming places to be single.

There are over one-hundred and fifty thousand singles who call this vibrant city home. So we decided to take a look at the local dating scene and just how people here are getting together.

Navigating the Halifax dating scene

The city is a great, central space for socialising, however, some find the public transport system a little busy and confusing. While the city is small enough to easily get around on foot and is very pedestrian friendly, singles in Halifax without their own form of transport can find it a hassle getting out to neighbouring communities.

The large navy and student presence means there’s a lot of energy and variety for those dating in Halifax. However, as this is largely a semi-transient population, the dating scene can cause an over-emphasise of short-term relationships. It’s always a good idea to communicate what you’re looking for early on to establish whether you and the other person have similar expectations.

Where to run into singles in Halifax

The city has more pubs per capita than anywhere in Canada. So meeting new people in this city through its nightlife is quite easy. Here are some other options:

  • A trendy day-time option in the Halifax dating scene is The Hydrostone. This perfectly preserved English-style garden suburb attracts locals with its charming market and its collection of chic eateries and boutiques.
  • To meet singles and other interesting people while giving back, you could try volunteering. Back to Our Roots is an important urban farming initiative with active community involvement, for instance.
  • Explore more of the city’s celebrated music scene by attending a concert. Shows at the Neptune Theatre and The Carleton draw in interesting singles from all walks of life.

Why singles in Halifax take it online

Dating the traditional way can come with a lot of unknowns. For this reason, first dates often feel like interviews. We’re quickly trying to find out what this person is like, what drives them and whether there are there any red flags to look out for. This has given rise to an increase of singles using various social media profiles to vet their dates, almost like a first date without the date. This modern unease with ambiguity has led many to make use of a dating site in Halifax. They give you a platform to qualify people before you meet them. Also, the content they include in their profile – like the kind of photos they post – lets you make educated inferences about them.

eharmony helps you make more informed decisions

One of the reasons eharmony is so successful at putting the right people together is we believe relationships should start off on the right foot. Part of this is that we try to make sure your profile not only shows off your best side but that it’s also an honest and meaningful reflection of who you really are inside. This way you can connect with other singles in Halifax based on real compatibility.

While a lot of the sections are optional, we strongly advise our users to complete their profiles in order to have more success when communicating with people in their match list. The more people know about you, the more at ease they’ll feel about sincerely connecting with you.

The different categories we have in your About section includes:

  • A personal quote – We are what inspires us
  • What’s on My Mind? – Catch someone’s eye with a funny personal musing, random thought or insight into your personality.
  • Who Am I? – No need to get too existential. This section just asks for short answers to 4 meaningful questions: “I’m Thankful For”, “Best Life Skills”, “Things I Can’t Live Without”, “My Friends Describe Me As”.
  • Hobbies – Share what passions occupy your free time.
  • About me – Choose from 23 short prompt questions to showcase your personality. A great conversation starter.
  • Profile Completeness Score – We give you tips for filling in any empty sections.

Looking for some date ideas in Halifax?

  • Match wits or work together to get yourselves out at Captured Escape Room. Following the clues and solving the puzzles can take some lateral thinking but these escape rooms quickly becomes engrossing.
  • Play a round of mini-golf at Putting Edge. Share the unique vibe and kaleidoscopic colour with someone at this black-light, glow in the dark 18-hole course.
  • Regardless of the season, going in-line or ice skating together at Emera Oval is always a solid idea for those dating in Halifax.

Singles in Halifax, enjoy the best of both worlds with eharmony

With its pulsing nightlife, lively historically preserved suburbs and glow in the dark golfing, dating here can feel like you’re exploring the dimensions of some giant metropolis. But it’s also a place where you can walk to work and get a tangible sense of community. A place filled with both possibility and connectivity. Let eharmony help get you there and find it.

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