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Singles in Kelowna – Tips to Find Your Partner in Wine Country

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Singles in Kelowna get to connect in a city cradled within snow-capped mountain ranges, divided by the stunning Okanagan Lake and surrounded by verdant, rolling wine vineyards. It’s easy to see why Kelowna is the tourist centre of Okanagan Valley and one of the country’s fastest growing cities. With over forty-seven thousand singles living here, we look at how people are finding and connecting with each other in the Orchard City.

What the dating life in Kelowna is about

Kelowna has a lively dating scene, particularly in the Cultural District and waterfront area. However, the city’s infrastructure is still catching up to the rapidly growing number of visitors – over two-million annually – plus all the new residents. So, for those trying to date in Kelowna, the traffic can make it a bit difficult getting around the city in season, particularly across the bridge. Lucky most of this traffic is found entering and exiting the city, as visitors use it as a hub to explore the nearby picturesque Okanagan Valley. So why not explore it with them to meet interesting new singles in Kelowna during this time? If you prefer to socialise locally, the city is easy to get around on a bicycle.

Single spots for different types: Dating in and around Kelowna

Outdoor types

Meeting new people while participating in a hobby is always a win, win. The city is rich in outdoor activities. In winter, there’s the nearby Big White and Silver Star Ski Resorts. In the summer, singles generally go for lake activities, climbing and the hiking trails.


Meet other singles in Kelowna by joining a team or learning a new skill. The Parkinson Recreation Centre offers a range of courses, programs and club sports, which are great for connecting you with new people.

Culture Lovers

While the Cultural District is one of the best places to meet singles in Kelowna for its galleries and nightlife, Pandosy Village is a quieter, more community-oriented option. The area has a great selection of trendy cafes, bars and retail options.

Dating in Kelowna: IRL vs. online

Most people tend to have a bit of a complicated relationship with first dates. When it goes well, there’s nothing better. However, a small string of bad, or even average, dates can leave you wondering why you even bother. Dating does come at a cost. Be it a financial, emotional or time cost, it’s easy to get discouraged if you’re finding you don’t realise any benefit from it.

Using a dating site in Kelowna lets you find other singles quickly and gives you a chance to first get to know someone properly before you put yourself out there and agree to a date. It also lets you give measured, thought-out responses when communicating so that you can make your dating decisions in a more relaxed social format.

eharmony can help you steer clear of bad dates

Many online dating services like to emphasise what’s known as swipe culture, presenting you with volumes of options and offering the functionality to make quick gut-based decisions on who to connect with. At eharmony, we think your time is valuable so aim to create more successful matches using a less-is-more approach. Rather than giving you endless options and just asking you to pick based on some photos and a short About section, our matching system leverages our expertise and the data we get from your initial Compatibility Quiz to intelligently seek out singles in Kelowna you’d be a good fit with, for your Match List. We find this leads to happier, more meaningful connections. Our Compatibility Matching System is informed by 20 years of experience, a team of relationship experts and a process of continuous improvement.

To further simplify dating in Kelowna and let you make an informed decision, we also offer information-rich profiles that delve much deeper than a 500-character biography section. We give you insights on a match’s hobbies, passions, life skills, what they’re really about, what’s on their mind and so much more, so you can get a three-dimensional perspective of who this person is.

How to make it a very important date

Looking for some first date ideas in Kelowna that aren’t just a round of mini-golf at Scandia? Try these out:

  • Admire the view at Kelowna Mountain Vineyards and Bridges – The exhilarating trail here includes suspensions bridges that go up as high as 100-feet, giving you an unparalleled view of the valley.
  • Indulge at CedarCreek Estate Winery – Enjoy a tasting, take a tour or try some of the signature dishes on offer at its restaurant, while taking in the gorgeous lakeside view.
  • Take to the water with Okanagan Beach Rentals – Renting a kayak or aqua bike is a fun option if you’re looking to get active while still having a fun one-on-one date.

Singles Kelowna, date smart and successful with eharmony

With its stunning lakeside wineries, suspension bridges that touch the sky and the vast selection of outdoor activities that put you right in touch with the awesome natural wonders of the Okanagan Valley, you couldn’t ask for a more exciting city to look for that special someone. If you’re a bit tired of looking and want to get to the sharing part, why not let eharmony do some of the looking for you?

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