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Singles of Moncton: How to Meet that Special Someone in the Hub City

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Life for singles in Moncton is not much different from standing on its famous Magnetic Hill: things always seem to be moving upwards. It’s a city that has been shaped throughout history by its uniqueness and its tenacious ability to adapt in the face of change. Today the city is regarded as one of the most business-friendly cities in Canada, over fifty-thousand singles call the Hub City home. ’Let’s look at how singles are finding each other in Moncton.

Dating in Moncton: Just the tip of the iceberg

The city is economically thriving with many prominent post-secondary institutions, which attract a lot of new singles to Moncton each year. However, with just over seventy-thousand people in the city proper, it has a generally small population. Language division also affects dating in Moncton. With it being the only officially bilingual city in Canada, those who only speak one language can sometimes feel like they have fewer dating options. However, Moncton’s catchment area is enormous. Over 1.6 million people commute and interact with the city from all around New Brunswick, so its true dating pool rivals most major Canadian cities. So, if you’re not meeting the person for you in the city, why not try casting your net a bit wider?

Where to connect with singles in Moncton

  • Get outdoors at Centennial Park – While Moncton isn’t short on outdoor activities, this serene space has the most going on in one location, making one of the best places to meet singles in Moncton. Join a group that explores its lit cross-country skiing trails or soak up some sun at the beach to meet some interesting new people.
  • Release your inner foodie at Marché Moncton Market – Held every Saturday morning, this farmers market attracts people from all around New Brunswick with its fresh, organic produce and tempting food vendors. A great place to meet and interact with singles from all over the region.
  • Take in a Festival – Meet singles in Moncton that share your passions. From the famous literary Frye Festival to the World Wine Festival, the city has a very active calendar that offers something for everyone.

Taking the first step with online dating in Moncton

For people who are starting to look for something more serious or getting back to actively dating in Moncton again, the most challenging step is the first one. Beyond where to meet the right person, you might be wondering what to say when you do, whether you have a better chance meeting them out with friends or at single events in Moncton, or whether you should let your friends set you up or meet someone on your own. Many turn to dating apps in Moncton as a quick and easy way to get back out there. It lets connect with people immediately, control the pace of the process and easily dictate the type of people you engage with.

eharmony makes putting yourself out that much easier by guiding you through this initial process. After picking your gender and the gender you’re interested in, you’ll have the option to register using your Facebook or Apple account, so you won’t have yet another account and password to keep track of. You’ll then be asked to complete our trademarked Compatibility Quiz. This short quiz takes care of three crucial steps all at once:

  • It tells us about you so that our matching system fills your Match List with singles in Moncton who would suit your personality.
  • It generates your Personality Profile, which provides unique insights into yourself and lets you easily compare certain facets of your personality with the people in your Match List.
  • It populates your eharmony profile with important initial information so that your matches can immediately get a real idea of who you are and what drives you.

After this, you’ll have everything you need to get out there and start connecting with people! We’re always there to guide you though. This includes tips on further elevating your profile, tools for starting a conversation and providing you with dating advice from our relationship experts on how to have quality online interactions that blossom into meaningful real-life connections.

Setting up the perfect date with this ideas for Moncton

  • Pack a picnic basket and get an unmatched view of the famous tidal bore at the appropriately named Bore View Park.
  • For something a bit different, take a day trip to Shediac. Dubbed The Lobster Capital of the World, this idyllic seaside town also boasts the warmest seawaters in the whole country.
  • Take in dinner and a show all in one convenient location at McSweeney’s Dinner Theatre. Performances range from lively musicals to original plays and are accompanied by a 4-course meal.

Moncton singles, find your path to a compatible partner with eharmony

Moncton is a place that plays by its own rules. A place where the tide rushes against the river and cars roll uphill. So, it comes as no surprise that singles in Moncton reflect this same uniqueness and casual willingness to go against the grain. No matter who you are or how specific your tastes, your exact counterpoint is out there waiting to be discovered. Let eharmony help you find them.

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