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Singles in Sudbury: Your Dating Guide to Find a Special Someone

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Much like Greater Sudbury itself – with its colourful collection of communities, each with their own distinct identities – singles in Sudbury possess an individuality that inclines them towards forging their way through their dating life.

With its giant nickel, towering chimney stack, and proud mining and French-Canadian heritage, that characterizes the city, it’s worth to take a look at the active dating scene – where over fifty-eight thousand people are single – and to explore interesting ways people are getting together in the Nickel City.

How dating in Sudbury works

Sudbury has a very diverse social scene thanks to post-secondary institutions such as Laurentian and its position as a commercial hub for Northeastern Ontario, which makes dating in Sudbury a varied and engaging experience. However, the city has quite a low population density. This combined with its lack of a sufficiently vibrant downtown core and its slight traffic issues have resulted in a somewhat scattered social scene as well as making it a challenge to get around at times. To meet new people, try to keep up with events in the city to find out where singles in Sudbury will be congregating that weekend and be open to meeting up halfway when organising dates.

Where you can meet new people in Sudbury

  • Pick up a sport while meeting new people at Sudbury Sports & Social Club. Offering everything from co-ed league sports to casual pick games, the club hosts several different activities suited to all skill levels.
  • Get a few friends together and battle it out over some board games at Let’s Scrabbalatte! The venue hosts popular game nights each Thursday and Saturday, creating a lively atmosphere. Try challenging other tables to a game to interact with other singles in Sudbury.
  • Catch local acts each week or wait for a bigger show to come to town at The Townehouse. Shows here bring in people from all over Northern Ontario, which make it one of the best places to make contact with someone new.

Get the full picture with online dating in Sudbury

When it comes to dating in a city with a large metropolitan area relative to its population size, it can sometimes feel like you’re only getting a small snapshot of the dating pool each time you go out to find new people. It’s difficult to get a full picture of who’s out there. Thanks to its popularity, particularly in small to medium sized cities, in recent years online dating in Sudbury has become the quickest and most effective method of getting this full picture. It’s also an easy way to ensure that everyone you encounter on these platforms is looking for the same thing as you.

Why eharmony is great for first-timers

If you’re just testing the waters of online dating, the process can sometimes feel like you’re being thrown right into the deep end. You’re asked to upload photos, fill in your About section and then you’re just sort of left to your own devices.

eharmony is great for first-timers and people who are just getting back into online dating because they go along with you through the first steps in the process and also continue supporting you throughout your dating journey. After a 3-step registration process, you’re asked to fill out our quick and easy Compatibility Quiz so they can fill in some of your profile and generate your Personality Profile. This is a simple, visually intuitive breakdown of your characteristics, how you engage with others and your life goals. This, along with your Match Preferences, becomes the basis for how you get matched up with other singles in Sudbury, based on compatibility. To help foster successful connections, eharmony also provides you with advice articles, tips on ways you can fill out the rest of your profile that will catch people’s attention as well as insights from the relationship experts on how aspects of your Personality Profile might be affecting your dating life.

Where to take your date? Top date ideas in Sudbury

  • The Alibi Room – A True downtown gem, this modern take on a speakeasy features live music and a delectable selection of signature cocktails.
  • Science North or Dynamic Earth – Rediscover your inner-child by exploring these fascinating interactive museums with someone else. Science North also hosts Nightlife on the Rocks, an adult evening event.
  • Go snowmobiling – If you want to get some pulses racing while enjoying Sudbury’s majestic scenery, why not take advantage of the city extensive groomed snowmobile trail system.


Sudbury singles, forge your own path in dating and follow your heart

Whether you prefer to experience the city on the back of a snowmobile, through its vibrant local music scene or by delving into its rich history at its famous interactive museums, the Nickel City has no shortage of options to explore or interesting people to experience them with.

When it comes to life and dating in Sudbury, there is indeed your own path you can take and better follow your heart. But eharmony can be there to open up new pathways and help you along your journey.

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