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How Sarnia Singles Have a Royal Dating Time in the Imperial City

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

With its mild year-round weather, famous waterfront chip truck, massive stretches of sandy beach and the crystal blue waters of Lake Huron, it’s hard not get taken in by the idyllic, beach town setting of Sarnia. However, thanks to its robust biochemical industries, blossoming cultural scene and affordable living standards, Sarnia singles also get to connect in a city bustling with modern, urban vibrancy. It’s no wonder the local dating scene and life for the twenty-six thousand single men and single women in this city is unmatched.

Challenges to deal with in the Sarnia dating life 

It’s true that the dating pool isn’t as big as other larger Ontario cities. If you’ve been dating here for a few years, it can sometimes feel like you’ve already met everyone worth dating in Sarnia. Meeting new types of singles involves being open to new activities you may never have considered before and being willing to look beyond the usual downtown scene when trying to find someone. The city also sees millions of visitors each year from local cities and countries around the world. So, in fact, every day is a whole new chance to meet the right person for you.

The best spots to meet Sarnia singles

Hit the sands at Canatara Beach – Spark a conversion with a stranger along its crystal blue waters or meet some Sarnia singles while taking advantage of the various activities on offer in the park such as its wakeboarding park.

Join a sports club – If you’re interested in something less intensive, Sarnia has several leagues for more alternative co-ed sports, such as the Sarnia Dodgeball League or Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee league, which are very welcoming of people of all skill levels.

Empty Spaces Concert Series – Held sporadically in some of Sarnia’s most historic and inspiring buildings, this concert series showcases many of Canada’s biggest indie acts. The perfect event to make contact with someone new who has a more alternative taste.

Dating in Sarnia in the digital age

One of the more complex aspects of dating, is timing. While you can often experience a lot of chemistry with someone on a date, it can often come down to whether you have common relationship goals. One person may be looking for something long-term while the other might be seeing what’s out there. This is why people looking for something more serious often make use of online dating in Sarnia, as it gives you access to a larger pool of singles who, in the case of a service like eharmony, are like-minded people looking for the same thing as you.

We connect you with just the right Sarnia singles thanks to our advanced Compatibility Matching System. One of the foundations of this time-proven system is your Personality Profile, which we compile for you after you complete a short Compatibility Quiz when you join. The profile goes way beyond serving merely as an input for the matching algorithm. It’s a comprehensive resource designed to not only give you insights on your own personality but also empower you to intuitively evaluate and compare the personalities of people you match up with on the platform.

One of the handiest visual tools you get for referencing your Personality Profile is the Compatibility Wheel. This breaks your profile down into 32 Compatibility Dimensions, based on a variety of personality traits. Your Compatibility Wheel is separated into four areas that cover your character, communication style, passions and lifestyle. While everyone in your Match List is assigned to a Compatibility Score based on the sum of your complementary personality traits, the Compatibility Wheel lets you take an in-depth look at the personalities of the people who catch your eye so you can easily compare how the person stacks up to you in the areas that mean the most to you.

Sarnia singles, here are first dates guaranteed to impress

Can’t think of anything new to do on your date? Try out some of the handy local options:

  • Take a tour and learn more about the area’s rich natural history together or just gawk in amazement at some of the giant dinosaur bones on display at Stones ‘N Bones Museum.
  • Take a long walk along the waterfront so you can build up an appetite for the chip trucks beneath Bluewater Bridge, who boast some of the world’s greatest fresh-cut fries.
  • Create a masterpiece together – or at least some pretty squiggles – at the Paint Party held at zZas Pizza Bistro & Tapas Bar every month.

Finding the right person for you in Sarnia along the online dating way

Whether it’s along the sandy shores of the sparkling Huron, in the crowd of an underground concert series in one of its iconic buildings, or while exploring the fossils and bones of its past, a compatible partner in Sarnia comes part and parcel with exploring the city’s many hidden charms and getting in touch with all it has to offer. Whether they’re around the next corner or further out along the path, eharmony can help you find them and build a meaningful connection.

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