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How Singles of Regina are Connecting in the Heart of Saskatchewan

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

With its thriving industries, idyllic neighboring resort villages and its breathtaking grand urban parkland, Regina has earned its place as a booming cultural and commercial hub in Saskatchewan. In the city that produces Mounties and bleeds green, singles of Regina have developed their own approach to dating.

Let’s take a look at dating in the Queen City – where over a third of the adult population is single – and finding where you fit in it all.

The obstacles in the Regina dating scene

Canada statistics show that the population of Regina’s metropolitan area is growing faster than its city area. This is due the increasing popularity of nearby commuter satellites like Qu’Appelle. So, the options for dating in Regina can differ depending on where you live and your willingness to travel a bit for the right person.

In a country already famous for its support of local sports team, Riderville stands tall for its intense and enduring love of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. If you’re perhaps not that into sports, there’s a solid chance that whoever you date will be. So try get into the spirit of things if there’s a game on. Although the contagious energy of Riders fans makes it easy.

Great places to meet singles in Regina

If you’re keen on trying something a little different from the venues in the historic Warehouse District and Downtown areas, check out the Cathedral Area. The stylish selection of restaurants, galleries and pubs provide the perfect setting for meeting new people. Leopold’s Tavern is an old local favourite with a bubbling singles scene.

For the early birds, there’s always the famous Regina Farmers’ Market, held each Saturday. Beyond the abundant produce and delicious food on offer from its 125 local vendors, this market brings together people from all over the city and surrounding areas. This lively, communal event is a great casual space for singles in Regina to spark a conversation with someone interesting.

Rediscover yourself through online dating

As people, we’re never really done growing. Our interests, values and priorities are always evolving as we age. Our preferences and what we look for in a relationship are also prone to change. While someone who liked the same music as you may have been a priority when you were younger, now you may be looking for someone who shares your passion for travelling, for instance. It can sometimes be a challenge to meet new people that match up to these shifting values. This is why many choose online dating in Regina. It makes it easier to quickly find and connect with people based on what’s most important to you.

Although, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what it is exactly you’re looking for in someone. eharmony believes your conscious preferences – such as appearance or interests – are part of a much larger picture when it comes to your potential compatibility with someone.

As part of this holistic approach to compatibility, you’ll ask to take a Compatibility Quiz upon joining. This quiz is designed to delve into your preferences and interests as well as the more subconscious aspects of your personality and values. While the resulting Personality Profile eharmony provides helps to form a foundation for how you get matched with people, it’s also there to give you some insights yourself and shows what makes you special. Features of your personality you might not have yet discovered or perhaps realised were playing a part in your dating efforts.

For example:

  • What degree of closeness is right for you
  • How you process experiences
  • Your desire for structure

These are part of your 32 Compatibility Dimensions. When you get matched with other singles in Regina, eharmony assigns that person a Compatibility Score based on these dimensions. However, this isn’t just based on how similar you are but also how well your contrasting personality traits could complement each other. This is a big part of how eharmony ensures happy, successful connections.

Date ideas in and about Regina

If you’re a bit stumped for new ideas when it comes to dating in Regina, try out these places:

  • Go to The Saskatchewan Science Centre – go to a thrilling IMAX screening, explore one of 185 interactive exhibits or attend one of the numerous evening events regularly held here, like Fantasy Food.
  • Take a class at Schoolhaus Culinary Arts – While a cooking class may not be right for a first date, they’re a lot of fun for budding relationships.
  • Toss some Axes at Lumberjax – This exciting, Canadian twist on darts is great if you’re looking for something active and a bit quirky. Training is provided.
  • Go to Milky Way – No list of date ideas is complete without this iconic Regina favourite.

Singles in Regina find their prairie home companion with eharmony

Regina is a city that knows how to celebrate itself in all its glorious facets. With its appreciation for its scenic surroundings, its passion for local produce and the electric devotion of Rider fans, the people here show that the city’s already got everything you’d ever need. For singles in Regina, it’s just about finding the right person to share it with. eharmony can help with that.

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