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Dating in Vancouver: Infinite Opportunities to Find a Partner

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Dating in Vancouver can sometimes feel like you’re trying to meet someone in a city that is a myriad of cities wrapped into one. So finding the right person for you amongst the two-hundred and fifty thousand singles in Vancouver can take a little more time and even the occasional step out of your comfort zone. Thanks to the city’s diverse cultures, vibrant street food scene and offering everything from warm beaches to dazzling snow-capped mountains within a fifteen-minute drive, your journey can be as rewarding as your destination.

The Vancouver dating scene(s)

The city is known for being friendly and very respectful of individual boundaries. Because of this, some single women in Vancouver have found that men are less likely to engage or approach them as they would be in other major cities. While many welcome this, it can make forming connections with people outside your social circle more challenging.

The city’s picturesque setting and a collective determination not to let urban expansion impact the surrounding environment, means that you live in a city being actively shaped by nature. However, this has also led to some traffic problems in parts of the city’s scattered social hubs. There are several plans to add to SkyTrain’s lines but currently, the singles of Vancouver often opt to keep social interactions local during peak hours. This can make one feel a little cut off from singles in other districts.

Different ways singles of Vancouver connect

Avoiding the traffic is a great opportunity to support small local businesses, join community groups and getting to know the people who live in your neighbourhood a bit better. You may find that new friends, or perhaps possibly something more, are closer than you thought.

The Sea to Sky Gondola might just be a quick ten-minute trip to the top of Mount Habrich but there’s no end to the dating activities at its summit.

Another entertaining and unusual way of meeting singles in Vancouver is at the Science World and Aquarium where after-hours adults-only events are held monthly. These nights are a good mix of games, organised activities and free exploration.

Dating in Vancouver with success: Try eharmony

If you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while or are only now starting to look for something more serious, the experience of finding someone can be daunting. Even once you do, the act of approaching them, establishing whether there’s a connection and asking them out can be objectively scary, even to the most intrepid of us.

This is why eharmony is such an attractive option for the singles of Vancouver, as the people who use our services have already answered two of the most burning questions: are you looking for someone and what kind of person are you looking for?

How to make a first move by breaking the ice

Some need a bit more encouragement, so we’ve taken it further by offering features that help you get in contact and start a conversation. Like our popular Icebreaker feature, which is an enjoyable and simple way to kick things off with someone with whom you’ve been matched.

You just pick your favourites among five separate pairs of images presented to you and then send your results to the other person. You’ll get to see their results once they’ve completed the exercise and see where your sentiments overlap or diverge. Repeat as many times as you like. Unlike the features of our matching system, the results here don’t speak to your compatibility with that person but are rather just one of many options you have that can be more inventive than opening with the ever-popular but somewhat brief: “Hi…”

Top spots for that first date in Vancouver

There’s so much to do in the city but how do you pick the ideal first-date location? 

  • Go for sushi – You can’t have a list of date ideas in Vancouver without including sushi. You can go with a long-established local favourite like Tojo’s Restaurant on West Broadway or keep things simple such as the small but incredibly popular Toshi Sushi on Main Street.
  • Visit VanDusen Botanical Garden – There are several events held here but you can always just go for a scenic post-lunch stroll or better even, get lost together in the hedge maze. 
  • Explore Granville Island – A nice, hassle-free choice for anyone short on ideas when dating in Vancouver, you could make a day’s outing of just checking out what treats the public market has on offer.

Dating in Vancouver takes some exploring but that’s half the fun 

Walk fifteen minutes in any direction in Vancouver and you’ll feel like you’ve discovered a new city. It’s a multifaceted city alive with diversity and vitality. An endless body of different people to connect with, cultures to explore and new experiences to seek out. Open yourself up to the experience and the possibilities of online dating in Vancouver with eharmony.

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