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Dating in Winnipeg: Guide to Fall in Love in a Cultural Shaped City

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

It’s the Cultural Capital of Canada and one of its fastest growing economies. A city that is characterised by its rich cultural and artistic history, its warm community spirit and by its enduring love of Slurpees. If you’re dating in Winnipeg, you’re in good company because almost 40% of the population is single. Winnipeg is the perfect place to find the right person for you in your own special way, as you date and explore the city’s various cultural facets.

Life for singles in Winnipeg

Winnipeggers are an affable and culturally distinct bunch. However, singles in Winnipeg do have to navigate a couple of obstacles on the road to finding that special someone:

  • Despite its friendliness, people here can be a bit reserved about starting a conversation with a stranger. For those dating in Winnipeg, attending different evening events and being willing to put yourself out there even if others don’t is a good way to get past those polite social barriers people can put up.
  • It’s not called it Winterpeg for Meeting singles out and about during the harsher months becomes more challenging. While nightlife experience a lull, there are many who take to Assiniboine Park’s frozen pond and other outdoor activities. There’s also a lot of single events in Winnipeg during this time.

How do singles in the city connect?

The singles scene in the city isn’t very centralised. Although people do congregate around events and the downtown area. If you’re interested in meeting singles in Winnipeg, try catch one of the live music shows often held at Bell MTS Place or Pyramid Cabaret. These events pump a lot of energy into the city.

There’s also a good chance you haven’t explored everything The Forks has to offer. As much a Winnipeg dating hotspot as it a great place to meet singles, The Forks host live events almost every weekend at the CN Stage and Field. The exquisitely modernist Food Hall is a lively communal eating space in which to start a conversation with an interesting stranger.

Go online and start the new way of dating in Winnipeg 

When it comes to relationships, people often date people within their social circles and communities. This makes sense as they understand the other person’s background, have gotten a chance to get to know them and have some idea of whether or not they’d be a good fit. However, this can leave options for dating in Winnipeg rather limited, without even taking into account personal taste.

Many singles in Winnipeg turn to online dating so they can meet people outside their bubbles. Sometimes this means dating someone a couple of neighbourhoods away or sometimes it’s someone in a different town. Most people don’t mind a bit of distance if it’s for the right person.

Three great date ideas in Winnipeg

  • The Leo Mol Sculpture Garden – Bring a picnic basket and enjoy the seminal Ukrainian Canadian artist’s captivating work in the best setting possible, the breathtaking Assiniboine Park Conservancy.
  • The Stardust Drive-In – Why deal with stale popcorn and tiny seats when you could enjoy a film beneath the stars? The concession stand also offers way more food options than your usual cinema fare.
  • Take a drive to Lockport – Dating in Winnipeg doesn’t need to always be local. Just 28km from the city, this town feels like a portal into a different era complete with colourful retro diners, vintage cars and an old school arcade.

Dating in Winnipeg: Looking for intimacy in all the right places

Whether you’re sharing a Piña Colada Slurpee in Assiniboine in the middle of January or demonstrating your secret Bannock recipe for your date, there’s no right or wrong way to date in the Gateway to the West. Just as long as you do it your way. Finding the right person is sometimes more about looking farther afield and being ready to put yourself out there when you find them. eharmony can help you unearth these hidden opportunities for connection, wherever they may be.

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