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Singles in Kamloops – Dating Guide for this Canadian Desert Oasis

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Set at the confluence of two rivers and surrounded by both sweeping deserts and lush mountain ranges, Kamloops feels like nowhere else in the country. Among its famous wine trail, the mosaic of vivid outdoor murals that breathe life into its streets, and in its constant celebrations and participation in sports, thirty-two thousand singles in Kamloops are connecting. Read about why, despite living in Canada’s Tournament Capital, finding the right person should never be a race.

The trick to dating in Kamloops

As the nickname suggests, Kamloopsians are obsessed with sports, both spectating and participating. Many people dating here spend their free time involved in some kind of sport or outdoor activity, so the social scene can be a bit scattered. If you’re having trouble finding more meaningful connections by meeting singles in Kamloops through the city’s energetic nightlife, perhaps a more active avenue would be better suited to you? While racing down treacherous slopes on a snowboard or mountain bike may not be everyone’s thing, even relaxed activities like disc golf or its world-class fishing can help you encounter new and interesting singles.

When and where to meet singles in Kamloops

  • Whatever your skill level, you’re guaranteed to have a stimulating evening at the Kamloops Art Gallery Drink & Draw evening event held monthly at Red Collar Brewing Co. It’s a dynamic, judgement-free space to explore your arty side among other creatively minded singles in Kamloops.
  • Unlike you average annual festival, Brewloops also hosts a number of smaller events around the city year-round, which attracts people from all around British Columbia. The energy and popularity of these events make them a great space to meet new people.
  • Kamloops Outdoor Club not only offers a number of activities that let you explore all Thompson Country has to offer but also has a very active membership, giving you a community of potential singles in Kamloops to explore it with.

Make deeper connections with online dating

Even the biggest cities can feel like small towns sometimes, when it comes to dating. This is because, depending on your social circle and lifestyle, you often end up meeting the same people in your city over and over again. Dating in Kamloops is no different. You can often be left feeling like you have very few options. People turn to dating apps so that they can meet people outside of their typical social conventions in Kamloops. This lets you take greater control of your dating life while also giving you a better picture of who’s out there and looking for the same thing as you.

If you’ve tried a dating site or app before but found the experience unrewarding, either because you found it difficult successfully connecting with other people or due to a general lack of chemistry with the people you did meet up with, then eharmony is the service for you. A Compatibility Matching System algorithm intelligently seeks out people that you’d be a good fit with based on your preferences and personality. It only puts singles in Kamloops above a certain compatibility quotient in your Match List. This means you don’t have to spend your time and energy working your way through mismatches and ill-advised dates along your journey to finding the right person for you. eharmony accomplishs this by referencing your Personality Profile, which you get after answering a short Compatibility Quiz when you join.

While eharmony is a free service, most people opt for the Premium membership for the enhanced suite of features it offers them. This means that most of the people you find on the platform haven’t joined on a whim or because they‘re bored, our members are actively looking for someone and serious about making a meaningful connection.

Take your date to the next the level with these date ideas in Kamloops

  • Have a nice, relaxing couple’s spa day at Aina Organic Spa. They offer a variety of packages depending on the treatments you’re interested in and your price range.
  • Take out the competition or face off over a game of laser tag at the Fun Factor Family Centre, for something a little different.
  • Forget your responsibilities for the day and take a bussed tour of the Kamloops Wine Trail The tours explore three-to-four of the region’s most famous wineries, with full and half-day packages.

Singles in Kamloops bear in mind: It’s not a race, it’s a marathon

Whether you’re sketching abstract shapes over some local craft brew, basking under the afternoon sun at one of its wineries, snowboarding down Tod Mountain or admiring the city’s dazzling street art, finding the right person for you in Kamloops is less a question of following the action, than following your heart. You’ll often find they’re much closer than you thought. Let eharmony help you see the possibilities all around you.

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