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When to say I love you and how to declare these meaningful words

by eharmony Editorial Team - April 12, 2021

It’s an incredibly great feeling when you’ve found someone special – that someone who you can’t seem to picture your life without. Being around them is what you enjoy the most. When you are with them you are more open and life suddenly seems to be something you only want to experience it with them.

Even if you have been in love before, new love is always exciting fills you with new hopes. Declaring love for someone is not always easy. If you are wondering when to say, ‘I love you’, here’s how to recognize the signals and tips to be honest about your feelings.

When to say I love you – 5 obvious signs that will guide you

Often fear of rejection, low self-esteem, bad past experiences, or the fact that you are not sure of your feelings are the common factors that might stop you from expressing your love in words. But, when you put those thoughts aside and dig deep to get honest about your feelings, then you attain some clarity.

It’s time to prepare your hearts for the little butterfly feelings. Here are typical signs that will help you understand and arrange your feelings better:

  1. You both are on the same page
    You have been dating for a while, you’re filled with gratitude for each other, you’ree compatible, and you’ve made some sacrifices. These are huge signs that you are ready for a relationship. If you know your partner feels strongly the same about you then perhaps they are just waiting for you to say those three words too.
    Note: When you do say I love you to your partner, ensure that it means the same thing to both of you. Your partner should not interpret it differently and get excited about looking for wedding venues.
  2. You both handle relationship challenges in a mature way
    Fights and disagreements are normal in relationships. If you care for each other even when you argue, or angry, and you love the ugly parts, then it is a clear sign that you are in love. When you finally decide to say I love you, it only means you are taking the relationship exclusive on a next level; love was always there.
  3. You have great chemistry
    Aside from the great physical intimacy, you two share an undeniable emotional attraction and an intellectual connection. This can contribute to the longevity of your relationship in a big way. Your gut tells you that this person is your compatible companion.
  4. You have been on great dates together
    Since profound love needs time to develop, it is unreasonable to confess your love if you have known each for a brief time. It is fun to be spontaneous, but you should not rush into it and scare the other person away. On the other hand, if you have been through different dating stages, maintain your boundaries, and if you both can see the future together, then it’s safe to assume that love is there.
  5. You can barely control your feelings
    If you are sure of your feelings and itching to profess your love, it is a great sign. If you are certain about your relationship and if you think it is a logical step that has the potential to be the steppingstone for many more significant chapters in your life, then do not wait too long. So, when to say I love you? If you feel like you are going to explode if you don’t say it then just go ahead and say it. Love is all you want.

How to say I love you? Tips for different personalities and different approaches

The three words and eight letters hold endless possibilities. Choosing the right time and place is very important. Prepare your mind. Regardless of how they may respond, you should express your feelings when you feel the time is right.

Knowing when not to say I love you is almost as important as how you say it. Just before or during sex is the wrong time and when you are drunk isn’t a good time either. Avoid saying the ‘L’ word when you are at a wedding or on vacation because everything at that time is likely to feel surreal and you may not feel the same after.

Introverts in love don’t share their feelings easily as they have to overcome their shyness and avoid small talk. They also value synchronicity and balance in a relationship more than anything else.

  • They think taking things slow is always a good idea.
  • They value deep conversations and that is how they connect.
  • Love is often expressed more through actions than proclamations.

Recommendation: An introvert is more like to express his/her love in a more subtle way. So, how to say I love you to an introvert? Spend enough time together before confessing your love directly.

Extroverts in love value meaningful conversations. However, they tend to get bored easily. But, on the bright side, they tend to be more innovative as they seek out new experiences. When they are around there won’t be a single dull moment.

  • They will do everything to win you over.
  • They prefer clear communications and they are likely to be straight forward when they express their feelings.
  • They take quicker decisions and generally will want to get immediate gratification.

Recommendation: If you are in love with an extrovert, you can expect reciprocal love and respect, and maybe they will be the ones to declare love first!

When to say ‘I love you’ is more about being convinced of your feelings than a specific timing

Love has the power to make someone happy, hopeful, inspired, and can even change your life. So, when you decide to say those three important words be, sure you know you’re really in love. There are no steadfast rules to choosing the right person or when and how to say ‘I love you’, but you should be absolutely sure of what you want. Love yourself enough to choose the right person. If you are still searching for a perfect partner, then try eharmony dating. The matching algorithms will match you with someone who shares your core values. Saying ‘I love you’ to someone will be a lot easier!

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