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Muslim Dating: How to find a compatible partner your way

by eharmony Editorial Team April 22, 2023

Muslim dating in Canada can be a challenging experience for singles looking to find love and a long-lasting relationship. Traditional methods, a limited dating pool, as well as family and friends, can make it difficult for modern Muslims to meet compatible partners with the same values, beliefs and cultural understanding.

However, the increasing popularity of online dating has opened up new avenues for Muslim singles to connect with like-minded individuals of the same faith. In this article, we’ll explore the world of Muslim dating in Canada, its challenges, and not least how eharmony can help you along your way of finding real love.

Muslim Dating in Canada: A Look at the Canadian Single Scene

Here some key facts and figures about single Muslims living in Canada:

  1. The Muslim population in Canada is growing and has even doubled in the last 20 years to 1.8 million people.1 In 2021, Muslims are making up 4.9% of the country’s population.2
  2. Muslim singles can be found in many cities and communities throughout Canada, but an especially popular region is Ontario with the highest percentage of Muslims in Canada (6.7%).3
  3. While some Muslims are still holding on to very traditional and religious values, some things are shifting these days. In 2011 already 11% of foreign-born and 26% of Canadian born Muslims had a non-Muslim spouse.4

Modern issues facing muslim singles

Let’s explore some of the challenges many single Muslims have to tackle in their dating lives. 

The muslim population in Canada is incredibly diverse

Beyond finding a Muslim marriage partner, many Muslim singles are also looking for someone who shares their background, cultural outlooks and other values important to them. The diversity of Canada’s Muslim population, can make it difficult to find the exact kind of partner you’re looking for.  

Many don’t get much muslim dating experience growing up

Some adolescent and young-adult Muslims aren’t allowed to actively date during their youth because of certain restrictions on courtship. For those who explore ‘halal dating’ later, when actively looking for a potential marriage partner, it can initially be a bit jarring and awkward because of this lack of this specific social experience. 

Different generations think differently

As in any culture, Muslim parents and their children can often hold quite different values, particularly when it comes to dating. However, Muslim singles’ strong notions of familial bonds and parental respect can often make the process of finding your own way through your dating journey more nuanced, often involving compromise. Also, many Muslim singles in their 20s have at least a few close relatives that are always on the lookout for other people to set them up with. While this often can make things a lot easier for you, many complain that the only qualifying factor in these setups is the fact that they are also an appropriately aged Muslim who lives in the same city as you, rather than you two actually being a good fit together.

Muslim dating with the pressure to find someone early

Women tend to experience this more acutely than men do but there is a general societal pressure in Islam to find someone in your 20s. While this used to be the global outlook, there’s an increased contemporary trend of putting marriage off, which can inspire some dissonance. As singles get older, they may feel a certain pressure to compromise on their standards to find somebody, which can possibly lead to relationship issues down the line.

Muslim dating on eharmony: Find a long-lasting relationship

With so many people turning to online dating these days, so are more and more Muslims making use of Muslim dating sites or other similar online services. After all, apart from it being a huge time-saver compared to traditional courtship, you can connect with people in your area quickly and get to know them in a controlled environment. Whether you’re looking for a Muslim single in Toronto or a Muslim single in Vancouver, your someone special could be right around the corner.

However, one of the many reasons eharmony is the perfect platform for people looking for meaningful dating opportunities is that we are not specifically a Muslim dating app. Our dating app is specialized in helping you find the type of partner you’re looking for based off your own criteria. We help connect like-minded singles through our scientific approach to compatibility, who are looking for long-term relationships,

We help you quickly connect with compatible singles

We focus on only bringing you quality matches with people with whom you already share a high degree of compatibility. Our Compatibility Matching System achieves this by using the data from your Compatibility Quiz, a questionnaire that you fill out when you join us, to find people across our entire membership pool that you would be a good fit with.

From here, it’s up to you to decide how you want to proceed with Muslim dating on eharmony. You can filter profiles to sort through it quickly. Some of the options include:

  • Religion
  • Age
  • Region
  • Education
  • Income level 

Profiles that give you all the information you need and more

Once you’ve found someone you like, you can get to know them better through our detailed profiles, which are designed to be both light and easy to read while still containing all the relevant information you’d want to know.  Our profiles also impart a deeper perspective of that person, their lifestyle, and goals. Whether it’s their innermost passions or just what’s their ideal rainy Sunday afternoon, we like to give you a three-dimensional idea of the person.

A suite of communication features that let you leave a memorable impressions

When it comes down to online dating, striking the right tone can be tough. This can be particularly true of Muslim dating, where communication and flirting etiquette varies from person to person. This is why we offer other communication features that can help you along your entire dating journey on eharmony. From making just the right first impression with a smile or Icebreaker to taking your interaction forward with your first message.    

Find muslim singles in your area

Unlike other dating sites, eharmony is all about being your true self, without feeling like you have to perform or create a false identity in order to find someone special. On the contrary – eharmony is all about authenticity, both in yourself and in the matches you’ll find there. You can rest assured that the singles you’ll find on eharmony are looking to know the real you – so you can feel free to just be yourself.

How Muslim dating works with eharmony

Your search for a great relationship has never been easier with groundbreaking overhaul of the eharmony you know and trust.

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