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Singles of Victoria and their Colourful Dating Scene

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

If you’re looking to add a little verve and variety to your dating life, you couldn’t ask for a better place than Victoria, where singles make up almost half of the city’s eighty-five thousand population. Its picturesque blend of coastal, Mediterranean inspired pastels and strikingly grand revivalism draws in people from all around the world.

You could say that the dating scene in Victoria is a lot like the Garden City itself: richly colourful, full of life and unapologetically unique.

Obstacles when dating in Victoria the traditional way

It’s not so much that there’s a lack of options as much as there’s an abundance of familiarity here. It’s difficult to meet someone who isn’t a friend of a friend. Many singles in Victoria flourish within this close-knit community, but that can also sometimes feel a bit stifling. Greater Victoria has a much larger population, so people often opt to also socialise and date in neighbouring areas to get in touch with new people.

Additionally, the city sees almost 4 million visitors each year meaning meeting someone during a trip has an undeserved reputation for being short-term. But, you never know what could happen – there’s no shortage of stories about happy couples that have grown from a holiday meeting.

Where singles in Victoria intersect

While Bastion Square and the Inner Harbour promenade remain two of the best places to meet other singles in Victoria, the city offers so many different venues and activities where you can run into that special someone:

  • Join Victoria Sport and Social Club – Singles in Victoria tend to be quite active and outdoorsy, so the variety of activities clubs like these offer are great for putting you in touch with likeminded people who share your interests.
  • Take in a festival – This is a great way to meet other singles while getting into the spirit of things. While most festivals are held over the summer, there are also a number of year- round ones that attract a good mix of people like Rifflandia and Victoria Beer Week.

Try online dating for new beginnings

If you’ve recently take a break from dating and now you’re just starting up again the whole process can leave you feeling a bit like a fish out of water. You may even feel as if the dating scene has grown and changed so much that you don’t have a place in it anymore. It’s easy to let that kind of negativity take hold but the plain truth of the matter is you’re just a bit out of practice and you’re letting your nerves get the better of you.

Online dating in Victoria will win you over as it makes this process easier. It lets you get back into the swing of communicating with other singles looking for the same things, setting up dates with them and just generally connecting with others, in a casual, pressure-free way.

The Story is about You when dating with eharmony 

eharmony’s compatibility system helps make dating in the city as smooth as possible by matching you up with singles in Victoria with whom you already have a good chance of getting along.

One of the most useful, time-saving resources for finding the right person that this system gives you is your Personality Profile. eharmony compiles this in-depth report after you complete the quick Compatibility Quiz upon joining. Your profile is used as the foundation for with whom you will be connected and matched.

This isn’t just raw data from an algorithm though, this is a practical report designed to impart meaningful insights on aspects of your personality, values and behaviour you may never have considered before. To get a better understanding of yourself and how you come across to others, your Personality Profile is broken down into four main areas:

  • Fundamentals of your Personality
  • How you behave in a Relationship
  • Your Everyday Life
  • Your Style of Communication

As part of your Personality Profile, eharmony also provides insights from relationship experts on what your individual results mean for you and your dating efforts. Moreover, you get tips for how you can work on adapting certain characteristics, relationship advice and first date ideas to suit your personality and bring you more success.

Recommended date ideas in Victoria

If you’re looking to try something a little different for your date, check out these activities:

  • For a colourful atmosphere and some delectable Spanish sharing plates, take your date to The Tapa Bar. A great venue for those dating in Victoria and ideal when you can’t decide what you want on a menu. Here you can just order all of it.
  • If you two have the energy to spare and are looking for an adventurous tête-à-tête, you could rent a kayak for the day and explore the straits.
  • If you feel like finding a nice place to connect outside the city, go for a tour and public tasting at the serenely bucolic Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse.

Nourish a budding relationship through eharmony

Whether strolling along the Inner Harbour wharf or in the crowd at a lively summer festival, somewhere within the vibrant spectrum of life that runs through Victoria is the right person for you. eharmony can help you discover and nourish these connections from which unexpected opportunity can sprout.

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