10 Great Morning Date Ideas

morning date ideas

Who says you have to date at night? Here are 10 great ideas for morning dates:

1. Do brunch.

Mimosas, anyone? Start tackling that list of nearby brunch spots you’ve been wanting to try together.

2. Host a brunch party.

Instead of throwing a dinner party, throw a brunch one. Show off your omelet skills and invite your favourite couple(s) over for a late-morning meal.

3. Go for an early morning hike.

Explore your neighbourhood — or get out of town and explore nature — before the rest of the world wakes up.

4. Watch the sunrise.

This one’s for the early risers. Bring coffee, pastries, a blanket and your camera, and start your day together at a scenic spot.

5. Go fishing.

Spend a morning on the water. If you catch something, you’ll have the main for your next date night. If you don’t catch anything, you still won’t regret spending that quality time together.

6. Be a kid again.

Do you and your significant other often lament the state of today’s cartoons? Embrace a little nostalgia and create a lineup of old favourites. Watch cartoons together while you eat sugary cereals in your pjs. (With no parents in the room, no one’s stopping you from pouring yourself a second bowl of Froot Loops.)

7. Go to church.

Spiritual compatibility is important. If you’re a regular church-goer — or regret not going more often — maybe it’s time to bring your partner to your place of worship.

8. Check out local yard sales.

Meet the neighbours and do some bargain shopping. Brush up on your haggling skills and have fun. Maybe give yourselves a budget with the plan to refurbish an old piece of furniture. The couple that DIYs together stays together?

9. Shop at the farmer’s market.
Shop local. Buy a breakfast of fresh baked goods and hot chocolate from vendors as you wander through the stalls. Pick up fresh ingredients with the plan to make dinner together soon.

10. Set off on a short road trip.

Beat the traffic and get out of town before the highways fill up. Pick a not-too-distant destination you’ve been wanting to visit, pack a breakfast-to-go and hit the road. Maybe plan a picnic at a national park. Or meet up with friends in a nearby city for lunch.