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19 Signs She Wants to Be Your Girlfriend

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by eharmony Editorial Team - July 3, 2024

You’ve met someone, you’ve had a few dates, you think it’s going well but you’re not sure if they have a serious relationship in mind. This is the perfect time to look for signs she wants to be your girlfriend. For many women, it’s still a given that they shouldn’t be too obvious in their affections, or take the lead in romantic relationships. Luckily, if you’re wondering, “is she serious about me?” there are ways to tell. In this article, we’ll look at 19 signs she wants a serious relationship with you.

1. Her body language shows it

Sometimes, our bodies reveal way more than our mouths. If she’s leaning towards you when she talks, making eye contact, ‘casually’ brushing you as she passes… then those are all pretty good signs she wants to be your girlfriend. On the flipside, if she wasn’t interested she’d be looking at her phone or around the room rather than at you, or moving away when you try to get close.

Body language and signs of attraction

Body language and signs of attraction can give you useful clues to help you figure out if the feeling is mutual. We take a deep look at body language and signs of attraction and how you can read them.

2. She’s interested in your life

If you’re wondering, “Does she like me?”, see how curious she is about you. When we’re interested in someone we want to know all about them, even the mundane, nobody-else-cares parts. So even if she’s not an F1 fan, she’ll want to know who your favorite driver is, or want to hear about your hiking trip or the movie you told her you were planning to see.

3. She initiates conversations

Is she usually the one sending that first text or making the effort to call? Or when you do text or call, she’s quick to respond. Or she sends you links to articles she thinks you’ll like or videos she wants you to watch. She might even go out of her way to see you in person. While this can be off-putting when taken to excess, it’s a great way for her to show off her interest in you.

4. She talks about you to the people she’s close to

You run into a friend of hers and they immediately recognize you (in a good way) from things she’s said. Or her parents already know your favorite dish when you have dinner with them. One of the best signs that she wants a serious relationship with you is how open she is about you to the people she loves – she wouldn’t put up with the inevitable, well-intentioned interrogations if she wasn’t.

5. She talks about a shared future

One of the signs she wants a serious relationship with you? She uses ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ when talking about future plans. This is an indication that she sees you as a single unit and is actively planning her life around being in a relationship. Using this kind of language strengthens your relationship and lets you know you’re in this together – so you should definitely consider making things official.

6. She spoils you

We’re not talking about expensive presents or fancy nights out, although those are great if she’s that kind of girl. One of the signs she wants to be your girlfriend is that she’ll try to take care of you, whether it’s as simple as a text checking in after a long day or a tray of home-baked brownies or doing a chore for you.

7. She asks about your family

Even if it’s still too early in the relationship to meet them, wanting to know about your family and friends is one of the signs she wants to be your girlfriend. Someone who is serious knows that when you date someone, you have to deal with the people closest to them, too. So wanting to get to know the people you love better is a great indicator of how serious she is.

8. She’s comfortable with public displays of affection

This isn’t a general rule – some people aren’t comfortable showing affection in public no matter how long you’ve been together. However, if she’s happy to accept affection in public from you, especially if she initiates it, that’s one of the major signs that she wants to be your girlfriend rather than just a casual date.

9. She remembers the small things about you

You save the blue M&Ms for last. You take your coffee black, with two sugars. You love this one Indian place but not the one next to it. One of the signs she wants to be your girlfriend? She remembers all the things you’ve told her about you, regardless of how small or unimportant.

10. She’s jealous

A little bit of jealousy can be a good thing. One of the clearest signs she wants more than friendship? How she acts when you’re getting attention from other girls. Obviously, if it’s excessive, you should back away – but the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. So if she’s jealous? You know she cares about you as more than a friend.

11. She makes time for you

Prioritizing you is one of the clearest signs she wants to be your girlfriend a woman can give. Whether it’s being available whenever you’re free to hang out or suggesting unconventional dates – a romantic breakfast, say, or stealing an hour away from work to get lunch together – her willingness to put in the effort shows how important you are to her.

12. She’s honest with you

Someone who isn’t serious about you won’t care, but she does – so she’ll tell you the truth even when it might hurt. Honesty is critical in a serious relationship and definitely one of the major signs that she’s maybe looking for something long-term with you. Someone who doesn’t want a future with you isn’t going to want the vulnerability that comes with being honest and authentic.

13. She tries to make you jealous

You’re pretty sure she likes you… but she’s flirting with someone else. Is it the most mature reaction to have? No, but a woman who isn’t comfortable making the first move might decide to give you a nudge towards making it yourself. Whether you’re cool with this is your own decision –but it can be one of the signs she wants to be your girlfriend.

14. She asks for your help

Being vulnerable is one of the hardest things we can do. If she asks you for help with something, even if small, it’s one of the biggest signs she wants to be your girlfriend. It’s especially true if the favor involves spending time with her – she may not be brave enough to ask you on a date, so asking for help is another way to keep your company.

15. You’re her go-to person

If you ever wonder “Does she love me?”, think about this: Are you one of the first, if not the first, person she goes to with news, good or bad? Are you the person whose opinion she wants on things, big and small, the person she sends random articles or videos to, the person she asks for advice even on small or silly things? Being on her mind constantly is one of the clearest signs she wants a serious relationship with you.

16. She thinks you’re funny

A shared sense of humor is one of the key indicators of long-term success in a relationship. You don’t have to be a professional stand-up or even actually funny; if she likes you, odds are she likes your style of humor. So pay close attention – if she actually found your jokes funny, it’s a good sign she wants a relationship with you.

17. She wants you to meet her family and friends

One of the biggest signs she wants to be your girlfriend? Not only is she eager to meet your family and friends, she wants to introduce you to the people she loves. Someone who just wants to keep things casual isn’t likely to want to the streams to cross, just in case things go sour. But if she’s willing to let you meet her loved ones, it’s one of the clearest signs of commitment.

18. She’s not always polished and put-together around you

Have you noticed that she’s not always perfectly put together when she sees you? You should take that as a compliment, because it means she likes you enough to trust you with her real self. One of the simplest and most direct signs she wants a serious relationship is that she’s relaxed enough to be casual around you.

19. She tells you!

Yes, all these signs are great… but sometimes there’s nothing like using words. If she’s directly expressed to you that she likes you, cares about you, or even loves you, that’s about the clearest sign you can get that she wants a committed relationship. It’s a sure sign that – if it’s something you also want – you need to take your relationship to the next level.

See the signs and take a chance

Keeping an eye out for the signs she wants to be your girlfriend can make all the difference in understanding her true feelings. From her body language and interest in your life to her willingness to meet your friends and family, these indicators might reveal her desire for a serious relationship. Pay attention to these clues and trust your instincts – With any luck, you’re reading her right. Remember, real love requires taking risks, so take the leap, express your feeling and embrace the opportunity to deepen your connection.