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Singles in Kitchener – In the City Where History Meets Industry

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Kitchener has experienced a lot growth and transformation in recent years. Much of its developed is thanks to the hard-working tenacity of its people, its central location in Ontario and its flourishing technology and manufacturing industries, which attract singles to Kitchener from around the world. However, it remains a city where you can still tangibly feel the rich sense of history and German Canadian heritage as you walk the streets.

Kitchener is home to over eighty-thousand singles and it’s growing every day. We take a look at the local dating scene and some interesting things you can explore to meet new people in the city.

How dating in Kitchener looks like

For those who are seeking for a partner in this city, there’s no shortage of singles or places to meet them. However, its proximity to Waterloo, as well as Cambridge and Toronto means that its downtown area doesn’t have to serve such a central role as a social hub, as it does in other cities. So the dating scene here is more diverse and spread out. Single women also slightly outnumber single men in Kitchener. So if you’re not meeting the right person for you in the city, why not also take advantage of this closeness to socialise more broadly and experience different social scenes?

Where can I meet singles in Kitchener?

  • Kitchener–Waterloo Oktoberfest – Second only to Germany’s own famous Oktoberfest, this nine-day Bavarian festival fills the city with an unmistakable atmosphere. The region-wide events attract people from all over the country so it’s a great time for meeting singles in Kitchener.
  • The Adventurers Guild Café – This board game and video game café has hundreds of different options to explore. For unattached people, there are weekly special events that let you join different group role-playing games to meet new people.
  • Grand River Rocks Climbing Gym – For your more active singles looking to try something new. There are a number of different climbing and bouldering classes suited to different skill levels, offering a great opportunity to meet and learn with new people.

Expand your horizons and start dating online in Kitchener 

For those living in a smaller city, it can sometimes feel like you’ve already met everyone worth meeting. This can lead to a somewhat pessimistic outlook on your dating prospects if you don’t meet the right person for you early on in life or you re-enter the dating pool. However, it’s important to remember – with so many singles in Kitchener alone – that this is just an outlook. You’ll never run out of chances to meet the right person, but the fear is a reason why people turn to online dating in Kitchener. Its popularity and global ubiquity makes it the best tool for finding out who’s really out there and looking for the same thing as you.

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With online dating, sometimes it’s not just about finding someone who’s right for you but also about making an impression on them, so they can also recognise this compatibility. eharmony’s Compatibility System helps ensure more successful connections for you by only putting people in your Match List who have complementary values and characteristics.

If you’re having a problem successfully engaging with singles in Kitchener online, it may often be a small problem, like your profile. It can be challenging sometimes to properly convey what makes you special on your profile, particularly if you’re new to online dating. Our Compatibility Quiz is designed to help populate your profile with important information about you but we still think you’re the best author of your own story. Our Profile Tips help guide you through the rest of the process. This includes profile photo tips, an Icebreaker feature for getting conversations started, advice from our relationship experts on how to elevate your profile and keep conversations going, and so much more. We also provide you with reminders and advice for filling out the empty parts of your profile so you can put your best foot forward when introducing yourself.

Some prime date locations

If you’re a bit stuck on what to do on your date, try out these useful ideas:

  • Experience the silver screen in all its glory at the Apollo Cinema. This classic theatre has a massive 43ft screen, in-seat food service and is fully-licensed.
  • Take a step back in time at the Doon Heritage Village. This highly detailed living history village lets you learn about the early settlers of the region while enjoying the immersive experience its actors and surroundings provide.
  • For a classic date idea, nothing beats Conestogo River Horseback Adventures. Explore the region on horseback in the warmer months or experience a cozy, scenic sleigh ride in the winter.

Find the right singles in Kitchener thanks to eharmony

With its strong Germanic roots, community spirit and its open cultural exchange with other exciting nearby Ontario cities, this industrious city grows with exciting potential with each passing day. For those dating in Kitchener and surrounding areas, the possibilities are rich and varied. Whether you like to explore the region’s impressive trail system on the back of horse or prefer a nice cup of coffee over a board game, eharmony helps you get out there and find the right person for you.

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