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Singles in Hamilton – Tips to discover Love amongst the Waterfalls

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Much like the escarpment that runs through it, separating the upper and lower city, Hamilton seems to exist on two levels. On one it’s a cultural metropolis, with its thriving art scene and a globally diverse population, while on the second it feels like a friendly small-town surrounded by waterfalls, living almost at one with its natural setting. When looking at life for singles in Hamilton – of which there are over two-hundred thousand – it’s clear why there’s no better place to be in Ontario.

Dating scene in the centre of the Golden Horseshoe

Hamilton is quite literally at the centre of the action. A short drive from several other famous Ontario cities, as well as the border, singles in Hamilton have the run of what is essentially one gigantic, endlessly diverse city. However, it’s this very centrality that can make dating in Hamilton a bit exhausting sometimes. In addition, people often socialise quite widely, which can make finding new people near you more challenging, and often commute out of the city during weekdays, leaving many too busy for traditional ways of meeting and dating people. If you’re not finding the right person for you, perhaps try extending your search to other nearby cities or planning your social efforts around popular events.

Where and how to meet singles in Hamilton

  • There’s a lot more to the Royal Botanical Garden than just a kaleidoscope of flora and perfectly manicured gardens. It also hosts a selection of activities such as creative workshops, nature clubs, yoga classes and festivals, which are great for getting in touch with new singles in Hamilton.
  • Hess Village is a nice, more relaxed alternative to the downtown scene. As well-known for its pulsing nightlife as its vibrant daytime patio scene, the venues along the street have something for everyone and provide a warm atmosphere to encounter new people.
  • Explore some of the city’s flourishing art scene and cuisine while meeting singles in Hamilton that share your aesthetic sentiments at the famous Art Crawl on James Street North, held the second Friday of every month.

Dating in Hamilton in the New Age

For less outgoing people or simply individuals who are not that good at small talk, first dates can inspire some trepidation. Often, these dates can feel a bit awkward or stilted until you establish somewhat of a rapport with the other person. This doesn’t mean you’re a poor match but rather just that you have yet to find common ground. Dating in Hamilton through an online platform lets you foster familiarity beforehand through messaging so that when you do decide to meet, you already have something of a connection to draw upon for conversation. It also lets you quickly discount potential partners before having to commit to a date.

eharmony helps you tell your story

One of the cornerstones of eharmony’s over 20 years of success is our Compatibility Matching System, which actively seeks out other singles in Hamilton on the platform who you’d be a good fit with. These people are put into your Match List – assigning each one a Compatibility Score – at which point you can contact them.

However, if you’re online dating in Hamilton, or any large city, you’re still going to have a lot of options. One of the ways eharmony can help you with your decision is by including highly relevant information on each of the user profiles so that you get a succinct but meaningful idea of the person, what they value in relationships and what their passions are before ever meeting them. Each profile gives you an informational breakdown of who they are, their habits and their lifestyle. But there is also qualitative information in the About section included. This includes more traditional information, like their hobbies and tastes but also has sections that speak to the deeper, more discrete aspects of who they are as a person.

Date ideas in Hamilton: How to setup the perfect rendezvous 

  • Pack a picnic, a bottle of wine and chase some waterfalls, of which there are over a hundred in the city limits. Try Bruce Trail for quantity or the hike up to Tew’s Falls for an epic view.
  • Go hunting for vintage treasures together while sampling some of the city’s best street food at the Hamilton Flea, held in some of the city’s most beautiful and historic buildings.
  • Whether you’re looking for a winter warmer or some interesting new taste profiles, nothing beats the selection soups at The Burnt Tongue, with three locations around the city.

Singles in Hamilton – Making sparks fly in Steeltown with eharmony

Whether it’s doing yoga in the botanical gardens, getting in touch with the local arts at Art Crawl or surrounding yourself in natural splendour along its rich, waterfall dotted trail system, Hamilton is a city that seems to grow exponentially in possibility the more you get out there and explore it. And somewhere within its rich dimensions is also the exact right person for you. Let eharmony help you look for them and build a meaningful connection.

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