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Singles in Windsor: Dating Between the Rock City and a Charmed Place

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

The dating scene for singles in Windsor is much like the city itself, ceaselessly vibrant and charmingly authentic. With Detroit only across the river, a mosaic of broad cultural influences, a rich lineage of whisky distillation, and its absorbing nightlife and casino that attract people from both sides of the border, the ninety-thousand single women and single men in Windsor never run out of exciting new avenues to explore.

The dating scene is bigger than It looks

It’s no secret that Windsor has some of Canada’s best nightlife. This and the popularity of its border ensures dating in this city is always a fresh and lively experience. However, there are a few issues singles in Windsor need to shoulder:

  • Detroit’s proximity means that people date quite freely between the two cities. This makes for an enormous dating pool, but the traffic involved with border-crossings can be an issue at times and can require some planning before meeting up with people.
  • Being an industrial nexus, a big portion of Windsor’s population commutes to other cities for work, which can sometimes limit the time and energy they have to spare to pursue dating.

Where to start dating traditionally in Windsor

  • Option 1: The city has numerous festivals that bring together people. Few have a more distinct atmosphere of citywide revelry than the Whiskytown Festival, making it one of the best environments for running into interesting singles in Windsor.
  • Option 2: Windsor has a very active outdoor social scene in the warmer months. So, one of the best places to get to know like-minded others is on one of its bustling patios. The patios in Olde Walkerville and on Ouellette Avenue are particularly popular.
  • Option 3: Get to know interesting people while picking up a new skill by taking a class! If you’re feeling intrepid, you could always try a starter course at Windsor Circus School. For a more relaxed setting, why not try a pottery class at Masterpiece By Me?

Test the waters with online dating in Windsor

Dating in this modern age, means no shame in playing it safe. While some are fine with dating actively, casually exploring their options while they find the right person, others can be a bit more guarded when it comes to their emotions and free time. This is why many turn to online dating in Windsor. It lets you establish whether there’s a realistic chance of a future with the other person before you emotionally commit yourself, by letting you explore their characteristics, communication style and personal relationship dealbreakers in a structured, pressure-free way.

Profit from intelligent matching with eharmony

While online dating lets you communicate with people and explore potential connections more effectively than traditional dating, it can still involve a fair amount of sorting through matches and back-and-forth messaging. eharmony optimizes the process of modern dating by putting compatibility first.

When you join, you’re asked to fill out a Compatibility Quiz. The test is quick to complete but it’s all it needs to get a good understanding of your personality, what your passions are, how you communicate in relationships and what you’re looking for in a partner. Once you’ve completed it, you’ll get your very own Personality Profile, set along 32 Compatibility Dimensions. Amongst many other things, it explores aspects of you such as:

  • Whether you value established routines or prefer to improvise.
  • How the way you behaved as a child influences you now.
  • How practical you are in relationships.

Your Personality Profile not only informs how you get matched with people but is also there to give you valuable, previously unexplored insights into your character. eharmony also includes tips and advice on how you might shape certain characteristics over time. After that, your Match List will begin to fill up, but only with singles in Windsor you have a good chance of forming a meaningful connection with.

Looking for something fun to do on your date? Try these local date ideas

  • Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery – Canada’s only beachside winery. Attend one of their tastings or take advantage of one of their beach picnic packages to enjoy while looking out onto the river.
  • Zap Zone – If you’re feeling young at heart, why not team up and take on all challengers in a game of laser tag.
  • Caesars Windsor – One of the city’s most famous attractions. If games of chance aren’t for you, the famous Colosseum also hosts many exciting music shows and other live performances.

Singles in Windsor: Find the right fit for you with eharmony

Between its glittering casino, lively patio culture and the celebration of its colourful distilling history, dating in Windsor is at once filled with possibility and entirely free of pretence. Where you can enjoy a calming glass of wine on the beach or party the night away while looking out onto the Detroit skyline. Wherever you might fall on this scale, there’s someone out there in the city who’s just right for you. Let eharmony help you get out there and find them.

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