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Singles in Prince George: Tips to Connect and Find a Partner

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Prince George isn’t just a city where the rivers, highways and rail lines of British Columbia converge but also where its people do. Its centrality, both geographic and cultural, attracts singles to Prince George from around the country. With the northern capital’s bourgeoning job market, affordable living, and distinct blend of urban sophistication mixed untamed wilderness, it’s no wonder the twenty-seven thousand single men and single women in Prince George are thriving here. So, let’s take a look at where you can find the one for you.

Navigate dating in Prince George

While the city has a lively social atmosphere and very little traffic, people can sometimes find getting around a bit challenging. This is particularly true during the colder months – due to road safety – and for people who don’t drive. There are plans to improve the city’s walkability and bike friendliness, but it always pays to be versatile and accommodating about plans when dating in Prince George. People in the city are obsessed with outdoor activities, year-round, so instead of hitting the urban roads, you can always find singles on one of the region’s scenic hiking trails, crisp winter slopes or one of its glistening lakes.

Where you can find singles in Prince George

Join a Club

A club is a great for meeting new people here in an easy and pressure-free way while introducing yourself to new social opportunities with people that share your interests. Try out the popular PG Singles Activities Group orCaledonia Ramblers Hiking Club.

Go to a Show

You’re bound to meet interesting singles in Prince George at one of the city’s many music shows. From the famous Coldsnap Festival to the local favourite Nancy O’s restaurant, the city is an energetic platform for local and international talents.

Get Outdoors

One of the best ways to run into new people is through outdoor activities. The inland rainforest of Ancient Forest National Park has a breath-taking hiking trail and a waterfall while Hart Ski Hill offers a great selection of mountain sports.

Put yourself first with online dating

The modern dating scene is a very different place from ten years ago. People dating in Prince George, and globally, have less free time on average, so they focus less on nightlife to meet other singles and increasingly depend on technology for their dating lives. This is why two out of five modern relationships begin online. The rapidly rising popularity of online dating in Prince George is about more than just the speed and ease of the technology. It lets you put you and your preferences first when looking for someone while giving you the ability to explore their character and expectations before you choose to connect with them.

Date intelligently with eharmony

One of the important resources eharmony provides you with for successful connections is your Personality Profile. This is how the dating site and app find people you’d be compatible with according to 32 Compatibility Dimensions. However, it also provides quick, visually intuitive insights into yourself and the people in your Match List. While there’s a lot of scientific stuff happening in the background of the matching process, in basic terms these profiles explore in-depth answers to four questions:

  • What characterises me?
  • What drives me?
  • How do I communicate
  • How do I organise my everyday life?

A twenty years of industry experience have taught eharmony that the personality traits revealed by addressing these questions are central to human compatibility. How exactly are the answer used? They are used from a Compatibility Quiz. The quiz is part of the joining process and is made up of various multiple-choice and open-ended questions designed to assess both overt and hidden aspect of your personality. This isn’t a test though, eharmony just wants to get to know the real you so that you can meet singles in Prince George you’d be a strong fit with. So rather than over-thinking the answers, eharmony advises you complete the quiz at a casual pace. Go with both your gut and your heart.

Set the perfect tone with these date ideas

  • Put away your ice skates and have a retro roller-skate date at Prince George It’s easier than it looks! Only available on weekends.
  • Northern Lights Winery is British Columbia’s northernmost winery and offers an amazing selection, which you can sample on their wine tours or have with your meal at their waterfront bistro.
  • For a classic, fuss-free date, do some bowling at The Strike Zone or test your putting skills at its glow in the dark mini-golf course. The venue is fully licensed and also offers delicious ice-cream.

Singles in Prince George – A city where it all comes together

With its stunning wineries that look out onto the aurora borealis, unique inland rainforests and vibrant, home-grown music scene, Prince George represents a tangible convergence of not just rivers and infrastructure but of the forces of nature and culture. In a place that is a meeting point for so many different kinds of people and experiences, finding where you fit in it, let alone who to share it with, can sometimes feel bewildering. Let eharmony help set you on the right path.

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