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Top 11 Signs of a Good First Date That Lead to a Reencounter

by eharmony Editorial Team - April 19, 2021

So you met someone, you had a first date… except you’re not sure how it went, and you’re nervous and even a little worried because you did really like your date, but what if they didn’t feel the same way? Luckily, there are some pretty standard signs of a good first date. Apart from a second date, that is? Here are the ten most obvious indicators and it’s definitely possible that you see each other again:

1. You Can Be Yourself

It can’t be denied that first dates are a little awkward, just because you’re both strangers getting to know each other and unsure of where the boundaries are. So, if you felt like you could be yourself, like you would with someone you know or even an old friend, that’s one of the major signs a first date went well.

2. You’re Both Present

It’s a sad but true fact that cellphones occupy more and more of our time and attention, even in situations where we should know better – like dates. But if your date puts his or her phone aside and spends the date present and listening? You couldn’t ask for a clearer sign he or she is interested.

3. You made each other laugh

And not from discomfort or nervousness, either. One of the best signs of a good first date is your date’s ability to make you laugh. Whether with jokes or quickly, quips or whatever else matches your shared sense of humor. Being able to laugh with (and sometimes at) each other is one of the cornerstones of a good relationship, and being able to do so right from the first date is an excellent sign of things to come.

4. You lose track of time

You know those dates. The ones that start as coffee, then go on to dinner, then drinks, and then talking until the sun rises. Or three-hour dates that feel like five minutes because you’ve been having so much fun talking with each other. One of the signs of a good first date is that you never want it to end… and it feels like you’ve spent no time together even as it nears the end and the restaurant staff are trying to politely nudge you out the door.

5. You feel a deep attraction between each other

While physical attraction isn’t the most important indicator, it’s up there. If you can’t stop making eye contact, if you’re both taking any excuse to casually touch each other – hands on knees or arms, arms brushing lightly when walking past – that’s another one of the signs of a good first date. Body language is like leaning in towards each other, mirroring each others’ movements, or playing with your hair.

6. You have things in common, but not too many

While there’s some truth to the adage that opposites attract, it can be exhausting always being on the opposite side of an issue, whether food or politics. Which is why, if during your date you find out that you two have things in common – it bodes well for the future of your relationship. But it’s possible to be too alike, though – which is why one of a spirited discussion is a typical sign a date went well.

7. You’re respectful with each other

And we don’t just mean the typical etiquettes and politeness. Respect also means being thoughtful and considerate of your boundaries – if you mention you have a seafood allergy, for instance, it’s hoped your date doesn’t suggest dinner at Red Lobster. It can also mean noticing when you’re uncomfortable and doing something about it – offering you their sweater when it’s cold, for instance.

8. You talk about your friends and family

Obviously, you shouldn’t spill all the family secrets (or the friends group tea) on your first date, but your date feeling comfortable enough to mention friends and family is a good sign they are interested. Plus, talking about friends and family is a good way to connect with your date and show that you’re serious about wanting to get to know him or her rather than just looking for a hookup.

9. You both listen as well as talk

Everyone’s had that terrible date. The one who just won’t shut up, and isn’t even remotely interested in letting you get a word in edgewise, or anything you have to say. On a great first date, however, the opposite is true. Both of you are eager to listen to the other, which means conversation is easy and natural.

10. You offer each other a next-level compliment

Sure, it’s easy to toss off a ‘you look great!’ or something similarly generic. One of the signs of a great first date. Though, is that the other person is paying attention to you. Which means that the compliments are much more personal – maybe you’ve noticed their cool phone case or, maybe they like the way your hair catches the evening light.

11. You can’t wait to see each other again

There aren’t many clearer signs a first date went well than your date suggesting you meet up again. While dating etiquette demands a follow-up, there’s no reason for him or her to suggest a second date… unless, of course, it was a great first date.

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Know whether to make your move with these signs of a great first date

It’s no question that dating can be confusing, and even challenging, what with all the unspoken rules and the uncertainty. But with this list of signs of a good first date, it’s that much easier to know if a reencounter is on the cards. And even if it isn’t, there’s no reason to fret – not when eharmony makes finding someone you can have a meaningful connection with easier than ever.

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