Tips for creating a great eharmony profile

We want to ensure that all our members have the best experience possible while on eharmony. Some of you may have been in the online dating scene a while; for many others, this may be your first time trying it out (welcome to eharmony!). Below, we have some helpful tips for everyone when it comes to building a great profile.


All eharmony members should have at least 1 photo posted and approved for their matches to see. Your photos are the visual story that you share with your matches about yourself. Since members with more photos see an increase in communication, we recommend using the opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light if you want to get the conversations going.


  • Use a close-up face shot as your primary photo (no hats or sunglasses).
  • Smile! If smiling in pictures isn’t something that comes easy for you, think of something that makes you happy when you’re having your picture taken.
  • Include captions with dates and locations if relevant.
  • Full-body shot: Include at least one full-body shot. People want to see all of you.
  • Post a variety of pictures to show of the various sides of your personality. You have room for 12 photos.
  • Show yourself doing an activity you enjoy (traveling, spending time at the beach, playing a sport, doing a hobby…). These types of photos stimulate easy conversation starters for matches.


  • Don’t hide your face. In addition to your matches needing to be able to see you, your photo will be rejected by our team if we can’t clearly see your face.
  • No old photos – matches should see who you are now.
  • No group photos. Although a lot of us have mostly pictures with friends or families, your eharmony profile is about YOU. Let matches focus on getting to see who you are.
  • Take it easy on the selfies. Don’t post mirror, bathroom or gym selfies. If you’re using a smartphone, use the timer on your camera and set it down.

Click here to read more on what types of photos we don’t accept:

eharmony Profile Details

Your profile is your matches’ first impression of you – in addition to your photos. It should describe who you are, what’s important in your life (with specifics), and why. Think of this as your dating résumé. You want your matches to be able to get an idea of who you are and still feel enticed to know more by starting a conversation with you. When we’ve surveyed our members, many have mentioned that they closed out matches due to empty or incomplete profiles, so consider taking some time to fill out as much of information about yourself as possible.

Not sure what to write? Here are some Dos and Don’ts when it comes to writing a great profile:


  • Answer each question or prompt fully with at least 2-3 sentences.
  • Elaborate with SPECIFICS – talk about how you got interested in your favorite hobby or activity, or what you’re passionate about.
  • Include spontaneity and adventure. Mention any bucket list items you might have or any vacation goals. These types of topics generate more communication.
  • Be sure to check for spelling and grammar errors.
  • Be positive and fun!


  • Avoid a question or prompt because you don’t think you have a good answer. Fill it out anyway, acknowledging the question or what an ideal answer for you would be if you could answer the question directly.
  • Use too much sarcasm or negativity. People will be drawn more to the positive things you have to share.
  • Use inappropriate or lewd comments.
  • Bring up your past relationship(s) in a negative light. If you feel the need to mention a past relationship, talk about what you learned from it or how it helped you grow.

These are just a few helpful tips that will help you get started with building a great eharmony profile for your matches to see.  Think of what kind of profile would attract your attention and then get to work. By posting some great photos and putting some thought and effort int your profile, your matches will take notice and certainly want to start talking with you.