Facts about the eharmony photo approval

Your profile photos are an essential part of having a successful experience on eharmony and members who post photos are far more likely to get messages than those who don’t.

To keep our community safe and welcoming for everyone, we review all photos before they appear on the site. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best eharmony profile photos. Although these are eharmony’s basic rules, we reserve the right to reject photos for any reason other than those specified below.

First, the basics to get your eharmony photo approved:

  • File format: All photos must be in the .jpg format  
  • Size: Any size will do, but make sure it’s big enough to appear clearly  
  • Content: Photos must be of you only. Friends and family are great, but we want other members to see clearly who you are 

here are some reasons why we may reject your photo:

  • It’s blurred or you are not visible   
  • It contains nudity  
  • It’s provocative or pornographic  
  • It contains a child alone or children by themselves  
  • It’s of a pet, an object or scenery  
  • It contains personal information or details that could identify someone (e.g. names, addresses, phone numbers, social media handles  
  • It has been altered in a way that significantly changes your appearance  
  • It shows an illegal act or activity  
  • It contains vulgar symbols, gestures, or gang signs/colors  
  • It contains a dead animal (other than a fish) 

Here’s a few tips for choosing the best photos:  

  • Make it clear – Avoid blurry images or dark shadows  
  • Shoot close up – The first photo you upload should be a close-up or head shot, not something taken at a distance  
  • Strike a pose – Be upright and smiling – other members are more likely to respond if you look casual but engaged, rather than slouching on your couch  
  • Keep it recent – People want to see you as you are now, not who you used to be. No-one wants to feel catfished