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Discover love without borders on an international dating site

by eharmony Editorial Team April 8, 2024

Sometimes your local dating scence can be frustrating. If you’ve been looking for a while in your area, feel like you’ve seen what’s out there and haven’t found anyone who feels right for you, maybe it’s time to explore the international dating landscape.

With the rapid development of international dating site services, integrated video messaging apps and other technologies, connecting with other singles across the world can feel as basic as a visit to your next-door neighbour.

So let’s dive into how you can create your very own international romance. 

Why so many international singles are linking up these days

Whether or not you believe in soulmates, you can at least recognise that the person you’re meant to be with might not just live round the corner. Dating internationally can open up a whole world of possibilities you’d never encounter without an international dating site.

When international dating though, you also have to adjust to a new way of connecting with singles, establishing intimacy and overcoming cultural differences that can seem strange at first. But by exploring your differences you can learn not only how similar we are when it comes to love, but that emotional investment and willingness to learn can be a big part of building a healthy relationship.  

Once you’ve made a strong connection on an international dating site, it can feel like a bigger leap than normal to meet in person. There are both cost and time considerations you wouldn’t find in local dating. That’s why communication is so crucial in budding relationships and a great chance to strengthen your bond. Establish your expectations and what drives you, so that when you do decide to meet up you know what you’re getting into.          

ehamony is your best choice for an international dating site

For over two decades eharmony has been helping people all around the world to find love. Our success is down to our unique approach to online dating, where we focus on being the best international dating site for singles seeking relationships. Our singles are looking for more meaningful and fulfilling connections than the typical international dating app experience. eharmony’s platform and matching system are designed to start you off on the right foot, building on these connections until they flourish into something real and lasting.

Here are a few of the reasons someone finds love on eharmony every 14 minutes.   

See beyond differences with compatibility-based matching

eharmony has a science-based, data-driven approach that’s different from any other international dating site. We use an advanced matching algorithm, developed by pyschologists and our relationship experts, and continuously improved over 20 years. We call this the Compatibility Matching System and it intelligently seeks out matches based on four distinct relationship success factors: your personality, what drives you, how you communicate and how you organise your daily life. 

A large user base for an international dating site

We have a large and diverse member base of international singles from all across the globe who are seeking an authentic online connection. For those looking to date a foreigner, you can be confident that even though your cultures and even languages may differ, who you are on the inside complements each other.    

Filter matches based on your dating goals

If your geographic settings are international rather than local, you’re going to have a lot of matches. You can quickly sort these by Compatibility Score, after which you can add match criteria based on what’s most important to you in a relationship. Our filters include age, education, ethnicity, desire for children, religion, income level and even hobbies and interests.

A rich selection of different communication features

Our communication features are well-suited to international singles as they let you establish connections before you even begin messaging.

How easy it is to join eharmony and start connecting

If you’re looking for a international dating site that puts you first and supports you through your relationship journey, here’s how to join eharmony:

  • When you join, you’re first asked to take our Compatibility Quiz. This helps us gain vital insights into your personality for our algorithm to find just the right matches
  • Then you can set up your profile. Our profiles are designed to share important aspects of your life, passions and what drives you in a unique and concise format
  • Check out your Match List and start applying those filters until someone sparks your interest 
  • Once you found some people you like the look of, it’s time to get in contact. Use one of our communication features or just an old-fashioned opening joke

Find your next great international romance today

If you’re looking for an international dating site that carefully curates your online dating experience, then eharmony is for you. So get out there and find that special person you were meant to be with, wherever they may be. Join eharmony now.

How international dating works with eharmony

Your search for a great relationship has never been easier with groundbreaking overhaul of the eharmony you know and trust.