What To Do When Your Significant Other Is Sick

If your significant other is down for the count, here are some ways to help make their sick day(s) better.

Offer to help. Be specific.

Instead of asking your partner “Is there anything I can do?”, offer to help in a specific way. (When you’re sick, assigning chores to loved ones isn’t always easy.) Offer to walk the puppy, pick up dry cleaning, or drop off soup and crackers.

Assuming your date’s not dangerously contagious — even then, assess if it’s worth the risk — ask her if she’d like some company. Bring food, keep conversation light, and leave early.

Accept her answer.

If you offer to come over and she says no, respect her wishes. (Showing up anyway won’t likely have the “I’m so glad you ignored what I said!” response you’re hoping for.) Some people like to be alone when they’re feeling crummy. Keep in touch over text and let her know that your offer stands if she changes her mind.

Be easygoing.

Sick days aren’t easy on anyone. Relax and give your partner the time and space to get better. Don’t make your date feel guilty for cancelling plans, or overwhelm him with the expectation that he’ll be up and running in no time. Reassure him that his health matters more than plans do, then focus on being encouraging and keeping the mood light.

Avoid serious conversations until he’s better.

Now is not the time to bring up heavy conversation topics. Don’t bring up your relationship status, criticize his family, engage in political debate or question his life decisions or direction until he has his wits (and sinuses) about him.

Keep in touch — but absolutely no sexting.

Check in occasionally throughout the day to let her know you’re thinking about her. Ask her how she’s feeling. Cheer her up with an inside joke. Stay connected on sick days, but skip the sexting. Trust us. It won’t go over well.

Bring date night to him.

Literally Netflix and chill. If your partner is up for company, bring date night to the couch. Eat soup together, curled up under warm blankets as you binge-watch a TV show you’ve been meaning to watch together. Keep the night an early one so he can get some sleep. (Be sure to do the dishes and help clean up a bit before you leave.)


Not that sick days should be a relationship test, but they can bring out the worst in someone. Observe how your she treats you and the people around her when she’s not well. Is she still respectful of you, or does she become unreasonably demanding? Does he ignore your offer to help and call his Mom to come over instead — even though she lives three hours away? Sometimes the bad days are good indicators of whether or not the relationship has a future.

Protect yourself.

You can’t take care of someone if you’re not taking care of yourself. Get the flu shot. Wash your hands frequently. Stay hydrated, well-nourished and well-rested.







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