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How Singles in Calgary Experience the Gateway to the Rockies

It’s considered Canada’s most livable city but there’s so much more to Calgary than just friendly people and a great economy. The city looks at the Gateway to the Rockies, where over three-hundred and fifty thousand Calgary singles live, work and date every single day.

Calgary is a place where you can still find cowboys, where sports is a way of life, and where events like the Stampede and the Battle of Alberta are cause for citywide festivities. It’s a place filled with variety, which makes navigating the Calgary dating scene a unique experience.

Dating in Calgary has its ups and downs

While the city has a rewarding dating scene, there are some challenges you’ll have to shoulder to find the right person:

  • There are more single men than single women in Calgary. So singles, expect men to be very thoughtful about their approach and their dates with you.
  • Calgary is a big place where things feel further apart so finding the right opportunity to get together can mean meeting halfway. Knowing Calgary, it’ll be somewhere you’ll find the perfect craft beer to connect over.
  • It’s famous for its sports rivalries. If you’re already a staunch Flames and Stampeders fan, then there’s no problem. If your loyalties lie elsewhere, perhaps a heated debate will help make some sparks fly?

Where the singles of Calgary gather

Nothing says Calgary like The Calgary Stampede so break out your Stetson and cowboy boots! Perhaps the festival may not be your thing, but you can’t beat the incredible energy the Stampede brings to the city. Some of the more low-key events and parties that celebrate it around the city, like the Calgary Dream Centre Pancake Breakfast, offer a more laid back environment to meet someone.

If you’re looking for a nice alternative to the venues along Red Mile stretch, try exploring these other Calgary dating hotspots. Like the Kensington or Inglewood neighbourhoods, which are both great options for bubbling nightlife to get to know new people. Try The Potion Room in Inglewood if you’re looking to add a little magic to your night.

Prince’s Island Park is another casual option for meeting singles in Calgary while feeling like you’re escaping the city’s hustle and bustle. Walking along the loop, catching a Shakespeare play by the Bow River or just taking in the view over coffee at the fabulous River Café, you’ll find yourself in the perfect spot to strike up a conversation that may lead to a new connection.

Meeting singles in Calgary through eharmony

Getting to know someone when you first start dating is exciting but equally nerve-wracking at the same time. You’re trying to look for all those cues that signal that this person could be single and right for you. But you’re also trying to form a connection and grow closer, so these two processes can sometimes feel at odds.

Online dating gives you the ideal opportunity to ask about the things that are important to you while taking the pressure off the getting-to-know-you phase so you can connect easy-going. This way you can make an initial connection over your values and interests before you both decide how you want to proceed with future interactions.

Detailed profiles for a deeper insights of you and your potential partner

eharmony makes this experience even greater by providing space for richly detailed individual profiles. These go way beyond a standard biography section and explore deeper aspects of a person with questions like, “What’s on my mind right now?” It helps paint a fuller picture of what that person is really like. These give you a deeper perspective of a potential connection, which might be otherwise difficult or inappropriate to ask in a typical conversation with someone you’re not already on familiar terms with.

If you’re interested in finding out more about who you are, there are custom Personality Profiles. This is an created once you complete the Compatibility Quiz, giving you detailed insights into your values and personality across five key personality dimensions: Agreeableness, Openness, Emotional Stability, Conscientiousness, and Extraversion. It also includes handy dating information, which is completely tailored to you, like first-date ideas, relationship advice and so much more.

Date ideas in Calgary

If you’re looking for some fun and unusual things to do with your date in the city, we’ve got a few suggestions for you:

  • The Winter Olympics Park – Open year-round, thrill your date by taking a high-speed zipline tour or stay closer to the ground on one of the several cross-country skiing trails.
  • Hexagon Board Game Café – Explore dark castles and slay some imaginary orcs together over a classic round of Dungeons & Dragons, or team up and challenge some of the other singles of Calgary at this quirky little cafe.
  • Rothney Astrophysical Observatory – Take your stargazing partner to a space that provides a quiet and majestic atmosphere quite unlike anywhere else in the city.

Leaving the single life behind in Calgary

If you’re looking for to make a connection with somebody, life in the Gateway to the Rockies always opens new doors. From lively outdoor extravaganzas to breathtaking scenery, singles in Calgary get to experience dating in a city teeming with different experiences and facets of life. So why not get out there and get started with a little help from eharmony?

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