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Discover your personality profile!

With our innovative algorithm and 20 years in the online dating world, we connect quality singles who are looking for love that lasts. In order to create the building blocks for a happy and healthy relationship, knowing what you want and desire from a potential partner is really important. eharmony provides you with an in-depth personality report so you can easily assess other member profiles and choose your ideal partner.

Who Are You?

At the beginning of your dating journey on eharmony, you’re asked to complete the Compatibility Quiz. Each question helps our trademarked Compatibility Matching System connect you with singles who meet your dating preferences.

Your answers help form what could be an amazing relationship in terms of characteristics, desires, behaviour, interests and habits. With this profile, you get a very detailed and unique look into yourself while we create a search strategy tailor-made for you.

Your Personality Profile

Our Compatibility Quiz and its results support you in your dating journey with tips for your first date, advice for relationships and much more. Our premium members receive this analysis in PDF format as part of their subscription. If you’re a basic member, you can order the analysis with our customer care team for 140$ or subscribe as a premium member.

Profile Tips

We’ve made it our mission to find you love that lasts. Our Profile Check contains everything needed for your dating journey such as tips for profile photos, icebreakers and advice to keep your conversations going.

Design Your Profile To Find Love

A complete and detailed profile is the best way to go, so your matches get a real sense of who you are. Choose your pictures carefully and take time while filling out the prompts and written parts of your profile. Spellcheck is your friend!

Not Getting The Matches You Want?

The Profile Check contains tips that can elevate your profile to attract the people you want to connect with online and in real life.

We sometimes get questions about how to fill out the “What’s on my mind right now” prompt. Even though it’s an easy part of your profile to skip, your answers can help catch the eye of your matches.

The search for your ideal partner starts with describing yourself. This is your chance to reveal your creativity and personality. And our Profile Check is the perfect way to ensure your profile is foolproof.

Get Verified

To encourage safety on eharmony, we offer a SMS-verification option so you can be assured that your matches are just like you: looking for love that lasts. And not spammers or bots.

The Personality Profile and Profile Check help you go from online to offline without breaking a sweat. Dating just got easier with eharmony. You can order the profile check for 50$ here.