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Singles Kingston – A Guide to Find your Future Amongst the History

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Few cities in Canada are as tangibly steeped in history as Kingston, with its ancient limestone buildings, old fortifications and exquisite, neoclassical City Hall. Once briefly the country’s capital with a rich military history, today it’s also celebrated for its dynamic art and literary scene as well as its picturesque location overlooking the Thousand Islands.

With almost fifty-thousand singles in Kingston, it’s worth to take a look at the different ways people are connecting in the city.

Finding new ways to meet people

Owing to the prestigious Queen’s University and Royal Military College of Canada, a big portion of the city’s population are students. While this infuses Kingston with a lot of energy and youthful vigour, the city’s nightlife does tend to skew somewhat towards young men. People actively dating in Kingston often look beyond the usual bar scene and branch out into more versatile ways of meeting new people. Singles in Kingston can broaden their social horizons by exploring the city’s art scene, joining a club or group activity, or by taking advantage of its many outdoor activities.

Where to find singles in Kingston

  • The Waterfront is a favourite gathering place among singles. Take a leisurely walk around the 8km pathway, fish along the harbour or admire the view from one the many lakeside cafes and you’re bound to run into someone interesting.
  • Explore your creative side while getting a chance to meet and learn with new singles in Kingston by taking an art class. 4Cats Arts Studio and Amaranth Stoneware offer several group workshops and classes for all skill levels.
  • Get in the team spirit at Kingston Sport and Social Club! There are a variety of mixed team and individual sports offered here and no previous experience necessary. It’s a fun, active option if you’re wondering how to meet people in Kingston.

Start online and dating in Kingston is easy 

When it comes to attraction, you immediately know it when you feel it. That’s the easy part. Why it can sometimes take time to meet the right person for you is all the other things that have to be in place. Questions like, where do you see yourself in five years? Do you want children? Do we have similar interests? These kinds of questions can become increasingly important as the relationship deepens.

Rather than committing time and energy on discovering these potential deal-breakers, using a dating app in Kingston lets you put those questions that are most important to you front and centre so that they form the initial basis for who you choose to connect with.

The modern popularity of these dating apps means that you have a lot of options for dating in Kingston. While this is a good thing, it also means a lot of profiles to sift through and messages going back and forth between different people, as you establish compatibility. eharmony’s Compatibility Matching System simplifies this process by intelligently seeking out singles in Kingston you’d be a strong match along 32 Compatibility Dimensions while filtering out unsuitable profiles so you’re only presented with the cream of the crop in your Match List.

eharmony accomplishs this by comparing your Personality Profile, which you get after filling out our Compatibility Quiz upon joining. The test looks at much more than just your personality though. It’s designed to assess how you interact with others, your priorities and what’s most important to you in a partner, among other factors. So when you do decide to reach out to someone in your Match List, you can have the assurance that the starting ingredients needed for a meaningful connection are already there, so you can use those initial opening messages to get to know them.

Date Ideas in and around Kingston

  • If you’re bold enough to take the stage, there’s always Thursday night karaoke at the Tir Nan Og Irish Pub. The venue offers a warm atmosphere and a modern twist on classic pub food.
  • If you’re looking for somewhere quieter where you’re immersed in nature, take a boat tour of the Thousand Islands and end you the day at the charming Big Sandy Bay beach on Wolfe Island.
  • Show off your local pride! No list of date ideas in the city would be complete without including cheering on the Frontenacs at Leon’s Centre.

Find your fairy tale ending with eharmony

With its idyllic hidden beaches, elegant limestone buildings and striking vistas of the Thousand Islands, Kingston can feel like a modern take on an old fairy tale setting. A place filled with possibilities, especially for singles, where adventure feels like it’s always waiting around the next corner. If you think your next big adventure is finding that special someone, eharmony can help you ensure a happy ending.

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