How does the eharmonvideo date feature work?

We are pleased to introduce our new Video Date feature. Video Date allows eharmony members to meet virtually before exchanging private contact information.  This helps to protect member privacy, makes them feel safe and makes a first meeting more convenient to arrange.

How does it work? 

Before beginning a Video Date it’s necessary have sent and received at least 3 free-text messages between you and your match (total 6) for this feature to be available.

To participate in a Video Date with your match. . .

  • From within the chat conversation or on your match’s profile, click on the plus (+) sign (mobile apps) or video camera icon (web browser)
  • Before your first Video Date call, you’ll be asked for permission to access your camera and microphone.
    • For iPhone and Android, permission will be requested within the app.
    • For web browsers, permissions are configured within your browser settings
  • If a match is not currently available to participate in a Video Date, you can try again later – or better yet, message them to set up a time you’re both available.

If you are having issues using our new Video Date Feature go here for more info.

Check out our Tips for a great Video Date if you need some ideas.