Tips for a great Video Date

These days everything can happen instantly and things that once were only done in person now can be done virtually, including dating. We know navigating this new normal between talking online to meeting face-to-face can be tricky, so we’re here to help. Now with our newest feature, Video Date, you and your match can get to know each other while staying at home, so meeting in person can be that much easier.

Below, are some helpful tips for having a successful Video Date!

When & Where to Meet?

First things first – schedule a date! Coordinate a time that works best for you and your match. Make sure you both have agreed on a day and time (if you’re doing this long-distance, don’t forget to take time zones into account) to meet.

  • Pick a day and time that works for both of you. You want to find a time that will be uninterrupted by anyone or anything so you can really spend the time focusing on each other.  
  • Be on time. Anticipation is great, but don’t keep them waiting.
  • Make sure you’re somewhere comfortable, relaxed and quiet. Find a space that makes you feel at ease – for example, your couch or backyard.
  • Try to find an area that is inviting, open and not cluttered. You want your date focused on you, not the dishes in your sink.
  • Make sure they see you in your best light, literally. Check the lighting, can your date see you clearly? Dim the light behind you or angle the lamp in a different direction. Try not to sit with a sunny window right behind you.

What Should I Wear?

Dress for success. Just because you’re on a Video Date and your match isn’t there with you in person doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in any effort. So, treat it like an in-person date and use these tips to help guide you when picking out the perfect outfit.

  • This may be your first impression, so wear what you would do for a regular date, but make sure you are comfortable.
  • We’re going to say it, wear pants. We know it’s a Video Date so not everything is shown, but you never know when you’ll suddenly have to stand up. Get fully dressed for your date to reduce your chances of making things extremely awkward. We promise it’s worth it.
  • Most importantly, be yourself, and wear what you want. Your clothes are an easy way to express yourself and show off your style. 

What to Talk About?

Breaking the ice isn’t always easy, but remember, you’ve already had conversations with your match on eharmony so hopefully talking feels a little easier. Once you get past the awkward hellos and introductions, you should be able to settle into an engaging chat. But, if you’re still at a loss for words or topics, here are some ideas that can help to get the conversation going.

  • What about your match’s profile first caught your attention? Was there a certain photo or profile detail that intrigued you?
  • Was there something on your profile that your match didn’t answer on theirs? Don’t be afraid to ask them about it.
  • Got any upcoming trips or vacations planned? Talk about that . . . and maybe where you and your match would go on a dream vacation.
  • Try to keep the conversation light and fun – it is a first date after all.

More Ideas

Hit all the first date small talk and now you need something a little more creative? How about . . .

Virtual Tour – Take your date for a walkthrough of your place. It’s fun and gives the other person even more insight into your style & personality. Some extra advice, if you’re planning on doing this – tidy up a little beforehand. Trust us, nobody wants to see your dirty clothes on the floor, even if you think that is part of your charm.

Cookoff – You and your date can spend some time in the kitchen together – but apart. Show off your skills, or just snack together while raiding the fridge.

Prime Time – You can introduce one another to a new show or movie that the other hasn’t seen and you can watch it together.

Hobby Hour – Got any cool skills or hobbies you can show off? Let them see your creativity.

These are just a few tips that can help you get to know your match better through Video Date. So, get ready, get set up with your phone or computer (make sure you have a charger accessible), sit back and have a good time on your date!