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Philip and Emily

Jackson, MS

Emily and I had our first contact on eHarmony on December 23, 2007.  What makes our story so unique is that I am physically disabled, however this was not information disclosed through my profile.  We exchanged our first letters with each other the day after Christmas.  We continue to write each other through eHarmony until New Year's Eve, which was right about the time when Emily's subscription was about to end.  Since we hit it off so well during the holidays, we agreed to start corresponding directly through email. 

After corresponding over email for about three weeks, I finally mustered up the courage to ask for a phone call.  So we set up a scheduled phone date.  On the night of which we were scheduled to have our first phone date, I was barely able to eat the veal Parmesan, which I had ordered from the pizza place down the street from my house. Finally, after shoveling a few bites of food into my mouth, I pulled out my cell phone and called Emily. 

That first phone call was extremely formal and uneasy, but nevertheless we still ended up talking for about two to three hours.  Emily said that it took me a good half hour to relax from my businesslike tone. During the course of that first phone conversation I still did not reveal the fact that I was physically disabled.  However, before we hung up that night, we scheduled another phone conversation for the following week.  I purposed to myself to tell her during the course of the next phone conversation. 
After the following week that time came up for me to call Emily again.  I was extremely nervous the whole day, that is, every time I thought about calling her.  When the time finally came to call her, I felt like my heart was going to pound out my chest.  I called her and told her within the first few moments of our phone conversation that I was disabled.  I also told her that she was free to do whatever she wanted with that information.  Needless to say, she did not hang up; rather she continued to talk until my voice became hoarse around midnight. 

We met each other face-to-face for the first time at Union Station in Chicago.  After meeting my new girlfriend for the first time, I took her to my home to meet my family, which you must understand was no easy task.  I come from a large family, which has four girls and four boys.  I am the fourth child.  Now three of my siblings no longer live at home, but at the time the rest of us did.  And taking my new girlfriend home not only meant meeting my family, but it meant being "baptized by fire."  This certainly stood as a fairly good description of what she experienced.

We were married in her hometown of Inverness, Mississippi.  We now reside in Jackson, Mississippi where we are both attending graduate school.  We are expecting our first child here in May 25, 2009.  If you would have told me that enrolling in eHarmony was going to radically change my life, I would have never believed you.  I think about how much my life has changed from the first time that I talk to Emily over the phone and it is simply amazing.  The best experience of all has been seeing how much more beautiful Emily is every day.  She is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and my love for her becomes stronger and stronger with each passing moment. 

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