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Jennifer and Michael

Lena, MS

I would have to begin by saying that I was probably one of the biggest skeptics of internet dating. It actually took me five years to get started on eHarmony after it had first been suggested to me. On my 25th birthday my mother very kindly pointed out that I had not been on a date in two years. She then suggested that I go on eHarmony because a friend of ours had met her husband on eHarmony and seemed really happy with it. I told her that she was crazy and I would never go on an internet dating site. She continued to pester me for a few months about it and I flatly refused to even consider it so she dropped it… or so I thought! On my 26th birthday she again asked me to go on eHarmony and find a husband and again I flatly refused. After a couple more weeks of questioning me about it I told her that if I was still single on my 30th birthday, then I would look at eHarmony. My aunt even offered to pay for it if I would sign up. I was certain that I would find someone in the next four years and not have to follow through with my promise. Six months before my 30th birthday my mom began to question me again about going on eHarmony. I finally decided not to wait so I went online and signed up for the free trial. I called my aunt the following day and asked if her offer to pay for my membership still stood and she signed me up for three months.

In the first month I was on eHarmony I talked to several guys through email and I even started talking to one on the phone but never got serious with any of them. I did talk to one match for three months and we agreed to meet for lunch because we were fairly local but we did not seem to click. However at the end of three months I had not found a solid match. My subscription ran out and I decided to take a break from eHarmony for awhile. A month later, in January 2007, I felt like I should try one more time to see what eHarmony had to offer so I signed back on for three more months. I had several more matches and talked on the phone to one or two but saw no one I wanted to meet. In April I had two weeks left on my membership and I was very frustrated that I had not yet met anyone. Three days later I got matched with Michael from Mississippi. I really didn’t think anything of it because I lived in Pennsylvania and thought we would never meet.  I really liked his profile and he sent me the first communication. I answered his questions but I thought that since I only had two weeks left, the communication would not go very far. We began emailing every day and by the end of two weeks he asked for my phone number.

He called on a Sunday evening the first time and in his mind he had told himself that if we could talk for 20 minutes without it being awkward, he would call again. We talked for two hours that first time! After that he told himself that it was just a fluke and probably wouldn’t happen again. He called back on Wednesday evening and we talked for two and a half hours. We began talking twice a week and the calls got longer and longer. After a month of phone calls we were talking four to five hours a night. Michael asked what I would think if he said that he would like to come to Pennsylvania to meet me. By that point I knew I was very interested in him and needed to meet him to see if it would go further. Michael flew to Pennsylvania on the first weekend in June and I went to the airport to pick him up. I was so nervous that I felt queasy and I could hardly breathe. When he walked out of the airport I knew that I could very easily fall for him. We spent the first weekend talking and getting to know each other in person and on Saturday evening we went out to a movie and then sat down by the lake and talked until one in the morning. After that evening I knew that I could really fall in love with him but I was still skeptical whether it would really work out or not.  Before he flew back on Sunday, he asked if I would come to Mississippi to meet his family and see where he lived. I flew down a month later for the fourth of July and met his family and friends. I was there for a week and I knew for sure that I wanted to marry him. I really enjoyed that I got to know him as a person: his thoughts, desire, goals, and dreams- through eHarmony before the infatuation of being together because that really helped me see him clearly as the whole person that he is. I know now that the dating process works better that way.

After that trip we made plans for Michael to come to Pennsylvania the first week of August and we began to talk about hypothetical wedding plans. By the time he arrived in August we had already planned half of the wedding! I picked him up from the airport and on the way home he asked if we could go sit by the lake where we had talked the first weekend. When we got there it was about sunset and Michael got down on his knee and pulled out a ring. I said YES! We immediately started calling everyone and telling them. I started by saying that I was eHarmony’s biggest skeptic but now I tell everyone that it really can work. Thank You!

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