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Briana and Jacob

Philadelphia, PA

Jacob's profile said, "I try never to settle for what others think I should be. I'm an individualist, rational but romantic."

Briana's said she was looking for a man who is "smart, communicates well, makes me laugh, and treats me with affection and tenderness."

When we first exchanged questions, Jake was frustrated when Briana asked him to tell her "five completely random things that might surprise or intrigue her."   He felt she was asking him to be "both random and surprising while being calculatedly intriguing and revealing."  Nonetheless, Bri loved his response that he had a zebra in his apartment and found ironing relaxing, not to mention his dream to become a world renowned kazoo virtuoso.  We were on the right track!

In his third email, Jake decided he would call Briana "Bri" because "if we wind up together, think about how many hours that would save over the years!"

Just four days after our initial online contact, we had our first phone call.  Although eHarmony recommends keeping the first call to no more than 15 minutes - we stayed on the phone for two and a half hours!  We talked about art and music, literature, linguistics, the theory of flow, and Jake's brother's research on attraction that was cited on eHarmony!

We had our first date 3 days later and immediately felt a strong connection.  Within about 3 months, we knew we would be together forever. Our wedding will be only 15 months from our first contact on eHarmony!

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