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Robert and Peggy

Elizabeth City, NC

Before meeting, Peggy and I had decided (separately) to give eHarmony a try for 30 days, 30 days to find the "love of our life".  After seeing our matches, and having a few conversations with others, we found each other.  We pressed through the questions, wanting to fast track, but we followed the questions.  During our emailing, Peggy had computer problems and was unable to communicate for several days.  Something told me to wait, that she was the one.  On March 17, 2007 I received an email form her explaining the problem with her computer.  She gave me her phone number and I called her.  We arranged to meet on March 18th Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  We met at 2:00 and 5 hours later, we were still talking.  We hadn't even ordered yet! The connection between us was unbelievable.  When we finally left, I walked her to her car and asked her if I could kiss her. I was so nervous!!  She said yes, and on my way back to Richmond, I called her and told her how much I enjoyed being with her and that our kiss was not long enough.  Later, she told me she was going to kiss me whether I asked or not. 

The following week, we sent text messages and talked several times.  We both wanted to see each other again, so we made arrangements to meet the next weekend.  We spent the weekend together and both felt so comfortable that we knew that the 29 Dimensions must surely be the secret! I left early Monday for my 2 hour drive back to Richmond, but knew we would be together the next weekend. We talked every night, anticipating our next meeting. I left Friday after work for Elizabeth City, and when I arrived, we went to friends of Peggy's. I later found out they wanted to "check me out" to make sure this internet date was for real.  I loved her friends, and had a great time. The place was Glen Cove, a small neighborhood on the water near Elizabeth City. Over the next several months, we continued to see each other on the weekends.

On Valentines Day, I drove up to her work with a heart shaped box of candy, with an engagement ring in the center of the box of candy.  She was not expecting me, and when she opened the box, I asked her to marry me.  That evening, I asked her when she wanted to get married. She replied, how about tomorrow! The next day, I took vacation to make the arrangements. I had to get a North Carolina drivers license before we could get our marriage license.  After getting my new license, I called Peggy, who went to work, and said I was coming to pick her up so we could get married.  She thought I was kidding around, until I told her I had everything arranged and would be there in 20 minutes.  After picking her up at work, we went to the jewelry store and bought our wedding bands. Next we went to the Court House and got our marriage license. The clerk said we could have the Magistrate perform the ceremony, but we would need 2 witnesses.  We walked down to the Magistrates office, and he had 2 repairmen fixing his phone.  We asked the repairmen if they would be our witnesses, and they agreed. (They were actually more nervous than us!) As the Magistrate was filling out the paperwork, he told us it would be $20 cash for him to perform the ceremony.  After buying my new license, wedding bands and the marriage license, we only had $8 dollars in cash on us!! Peggy asked him if he would perform the ceremony and hold her hostage while I went to the bank to get the money.  He agreed and we said our vows.  We are currently living in our paradise, having and loving each other as never before. 

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