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Kimberly and Tim

Darien, IL

I started eHarmony about a month or two after my sister had been married. I never dated much, and have been pretty shy my whole life. My mom had seen one of your TV ads and suggested that I give it a try. I’m a hopeless romantic and wanted just as much as anyone to find “The One”. So I decided to give eHarmony a try, I figured the very least I would be able to get to go on some dates. Get some practice till I did meet the right guy.

When I filled out the survey I was surprised at how much I learned about myself. After that, I read the books as quickly as possible, and with sincerity. I came to a conclusion that if I was so lucky to find some one on eHarmony, that I could at very least start working on myself to be a better person for when that day might come. For about 6 months I used the service and not find any real luck. I had a few dates here and there, but no one with real spark. It was in December ’05 that I was matched with Tim, and I like everything about his profile.  So we emailed back and forth a little and then exchanged personal emails. Soon we started to talk on the phone.

Our first date was as at a book store and we planned to sit in the café. We got there only to find it was under construction, so we could only stand around the books and talk. I was so nervous I made jokes the whole night, and he laughed at all of them. We talked till the store closed, and stood outside in the rain for another hour just talking.

I realize how perfect we are for each other. How he really did meet every check point on my list like the book suggested. How wonderful the site was, because I became a more complete person for Tim. How the website really is designed in a way to be selective in what you want in your life. How very lucky I was to find Tim, because that is still a miracle. Thank you ever so much. I recommend your site to all my friends!! Oh, and thanks to my mom, for with out her I would never have heard of your site.

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