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Kathleen and David

Delmar, NY

I joined eHarmony for the first time approximately 3 years ago. I was recently divorced and I thought that it would be a good safe way of meeting people on the Internet. After communicating, meeting, and dating some of my matches I was starting to have "faith" in the idea of marriage again. I realized that I was not a complete failure, that my choices for partners were just not right for me. I began to read your books, listen to your CDs and went on my quest to find the partner that would be "perfect" for me in every way. One thing that I learned very quickly, I was not going to "settle" for good enough ever again. When I began to write with my matches I always looked forward to getting the "must haves" and "can't stands.” In October of 2005, 2.5 years after first joining eHarmony I received "David from Delmar". I looked at his profile everyday. There was something about him that seemed so sincere in his search for love and happiness. I even showed his profile to my daughter. She agreed that there was something very special about him and encouraged me to respond to his communication, and I did. He wrote back almost immediately. We corresponded for a month before we finally met face to face.

On our first date David told me that one of the reasons he was attracted to me was because of my perseverance and determination to find the "perfect" person for me. We both wanted that kind of love, connection and commitment that you see from the couples on TV. I knew in my heart that he was finally My True Match. Our relationship grew deeper and deeper everyday. Finally I was with someone that I could connect to with every part of my being. My dream was coming true, my patience, determination and perseverance was finally paying off. On August 25th, David took me on a surprise vacation and proposed to me on the beach while the sun was setting. It was the most romantic, beautiful, memorable day of my life. Shortly after we went to a lovely restaurant for dinner. When the waitress found out we had just gotten engaged she brought us some champagne. We raised our glasses to a toast, but we didn't toast to our future, to our happiness or to our love, we toasted to YOU Dr. Warren, for all of your insight, commitment, and genuine caring for couples to find their soul mates. I have finally found mine. The following was what we decided to add to the invitations we sent out, “If you are single, and looking for genuine love, buy yourself a subscription to eHarmony in lieu of a wedding gift for us". Thank you, will never be enough to express how very thankful I am for you and all that you have done for us and many many like us.

I wanted to share one more thing with you that happened that I thought was quite funny. The night before our wedding, my maid of honor, another good friend, and my 2 grown daughters took me to a comedy club.  The comedian knew that I was getting married the next day, so he made a few comments about marriage etc......
During his act he made some comment about "mothers, and computers" they don't know what to do with them, and they are just very expensive ways to play solitaire.  He looked at me and said "No offense to you Mom...I am sure you know how to use a computer and all....You probably met your future husband that way...Like on eHarmony or something!!!!".  I was so flabbergasted, I stood up and shouted "YES, I DID, HOW DID YOU KNOW???"  It was so funny, everyone started to laugh.  After the show he approached me at my table and asked if that was for real.  When I told him that it was, he said that he just got an email from eHarmony asking him to sign on to the "free communication weekend".  I told him that he should "ABSOLUTELY" do that!!!  He assured me that he would!!!  I hope that he did!!!!

Thank You Dr. Warren.....from the both of us.

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