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Jessica and Brian

Baltimore, MD

I signed up for eHarmony simply because my father asked me too.  My father and I never had a dating conversation in my life, but apparently seeing his daughter who was 30, single, and working most hours of the week made him want to have "the talk".  I must say that his request took me by surprise, but I thank God every day that he did.  I was a happy woman who was extremely content with my life.  I loved my family and friends, going to the gym, traveling, and loved my job.  Essentially, I didn’t even notice that I didn’t have a man in my life.

I finally agreed with my father after a couple weeks of thought, and signed up for eHarmony.  I signed up with the mindset that it would simply be an added part of my social life.  I even signed up for the full 12 months not ever thinking I would meet the love of my life and my soul mate within two months of signing up! I never believed in soul mates before him.  I knew Brian was different from the start.  One of the reasons that I enjoyed eHarmony was that you could communicate through different sets of questions prior to ever talking live or having to meet the person.  As a busy saleswoman, time was the last thing I had to waste, especially on so so dates.  And trust me, I could write a book on that topic.  I liked filtering through my given matches and then dating when the person seemed like a good match.  Most often the process took a week or so to go on that first date, but again, I liked knowing I wouldn't be wasting my time or that it wasn't the typical blind date scenario. 

After a quick two months into my online dating I hurt my back and was bedridden for two weeks.  I decided that now was not the time to continue with the experience and that I needed a break.  A few weeks later I had a sudden urge to simply check my status and see where I was with my matches.  The night prior, "Brian" had sent me his first set of questions for initial communication.  His picture attracted me so I read his profile, which I found wonderful, perfect, amazing (need I go on), and so the communication process began instantly and carried on through the night.  By the time the second round of questions were going back and forth, I already had butterflies and could not WAIT for his responses.  We agreed to meet the next day...  My day had been booked already, but I rearranged my afternoon and warned him that I would be in gym clothes and no makeup due to a back appointment I had with my trainer.  Talk about butterflies…well the date went well, and before I knew it, it was five hours later and we were still in the restaurant!  I didn't even want to leave at that point, but unfortunately I had prior obligations. 

Brian was originally from Kansas City, but had just moved to Baltimore a couple of months ago.  He's a Captain in the Army and moved to Baltimore to take a position here locally.  He's fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan; lived in CO, AZ, GA, and fell in love with the East coast upon arrival. Meantime, I was training a new rep within my company the past year, and where else?  Kansas City...  I had fallen in love with that city!  It was fate. 

That weekend Brian had to travel to NYC but we set up our second date for the next Monday evening.  Brian recently told me a story that that weekend he was away, he had lost his phone...  He wanted to stay in touch over the weekend so he actually went and purchased another phone so he wouldn't miss our second date!  (The insurance on the phone permitted he would get his phone five days later)  We had been dating for four months when he told me this, but it made me fall in love with him all over again. 

Every day I fall in love with Brian all over again.  I love his eyes, I love his smile, and he is the best and most honorable man I have ever met.  I feel so blessed that we found each other.  Thanks so much for your services.  I could write pages upon pages of stories of our first dates, and how it's been getting to know Brian, and every reason why I feel that we are soul mates, but I'm trying to keep this short.  I'm writing because I want to thank you, and I'm writing because I love our story.  I love and appreciate your current stories now, and I wanted to briefly share mine. I used to be a stubborn, single woman who thought I was happy.  Brian fought through two wars and made it from living out west his entire life to the East Coast.  He still tells me stories to this day that make me feel even stronger that it was God's will that we met.  It's been 8 months, we’re happily engaged, and I can't wait to marry Brian and spend the rest of my life with him!  THANK YOU!!


Jessica and Brian

P.S. The day Brian proposed, I thanked you out loud as I was hugging and screaming with pure JOY!

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