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Bryan and Erin

Chicago, IL

Erin and I were matched in December 2006.  We've collectively had plenty of on-line dating experience. 

My experience was limited to about three months on eHarmony, and about a month on  I found an instant preference for the guided communication, and could also immediately tell that the matches were going to work out better for me than the un-guided meat market of and similar sites. The first four women I met prior to Erin were also quality matches, just not "the one".

Erin was dating on-line for about 5 years, on for the majority of that time with no success.  Her eHarmony experience proved to generate more quality matches with a higher chance for success, and she felt this way from the start of her eHarmony experience. 

Erin and I had a first date at a pool hall on a Wednesday night.  I had to meet Erin there as she was having a whirlwind day that included a full day of work followed by a night class for Interior Design , at which she had to present for a group project.  Couple that with commuting via public transportation on a February evening in Chicago, and she had to do a good job putting on a happy dating face.  Even though our conversation slipped ever so slightly into politics, somehow, we survived our dinner and moved into a couple of billiards games.  After a couple hours more of good conversation and remembering all the good (and bad) concerts we had attended, we were surprised to realize it was midnight and way past our bedtimes for a school night.  Erin accepted my offer to drop her off at her apartment, and I went home thinking that I put on a lame show for a first date but was certainly interested in a second date, and hoped Erin felt the same way.  I was pleasantly surprised by a text message on the way home thanking me for the date, followed by an email the next day expressing the same sentiment.  I really appreciated that and was good assurance that a second date was on the horizon.

Before we knew it we were on dates 3, 4, 8, 10, 20, and venturing quickly towards the decision point of staying with each other in a committed relationship.  We never really had a conversation about it, I think we just knew and gradually fell into that type of role.

Through camping trips and resort vacations in Mexico, our relationship grew even more and quicker than I thought possible.  My family accepted Erin and approved of her almost immediately, of which I was grateful.  After about a year I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Erin, and started to think about proposing for marriage.  I was aware that Erin preferred to finish up her second degree before thinking about being engaged and any sort of wedding planning, so I had to wait until sometime after August 2008.  I finally came up with my proposal scheme that I knew couldn’t miss and would be unique, and pulled off the previously unthinkable (for me) and asked Erin for her hand on a December evening in 2008.  She was definitely surprised by the timing, and was initially in a bad mood having to walk down icy sidewalks to get to my place.  Her mood changed as soon as she opened the door, and after some asking and accepting, before we knew it our lives were changing forever…. And we couldn’t have been happier about it!  We called our parents that night to share the good news. 

Out of nowhere, seemingly, the talk of wedding planning begun.  After much deliberation over where and how to do this… in Chicago, at a tropical destination, in my hometown, courthouse, etc…. we ended up with a nice wedding day planned in Zionsville, Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis… Erin’s hometown.  It will be a small-ish wedding of about 100 people, mostly our small families, but we couldn’t be more excited for this day to come. 

There is certainly a very strong chance that we never would have met if it weren’t for eHarmony, so we offer our sincerest and most heartfelt thanks for the services your site provided ourselves and countless more happy couples.   Thanks so much!!!!!


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