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Elizabeth and Jonathan

Cabot, AR

I remember the first time I logged onto eHarmony and how surprised I was when I saw Jonathan’s picture.  I will be the first to admit it, maybe not in front of him, that I was the one who initiated conversation between the two of us.  Our conversations were so funny online.  We would ask each other a series of questions and then we would respond with about 5 more questions.  I’m really not sure how that format got started but it was fun.  Our questions ranged from “If you could be any color what would you be” to “Who in your life has had the greatest impact”.  I loved the questions we asked each other because with each question I was able to see a little more of his character and personality.  The questions we asked each other helped build a friendship between us that grew everyday more and more. 

I had wanted so badly to meet him but I just couldn’t ask.  I remember when he finally did ask if I wanted to go out to dinner one night. I was so nervous about meeting him but it was weird because I already knew so much about this person who I had never met before.  We decided to eat dinner at a pizza place downtown after we both got off work.  I remember walking to the restaurant and I was on the phone with my best friend the whole time because I had so many butterflies in my stomach.  She helped calm me down and I was able to walk in.  I remember he stood up to give me hug and it was not strange for me at all, which is odd for me because I’m not a hugging person with people I have not met before.  I remember we sat there for about two and half hours just talking about various parts of our lives.  We talked about past relationships, family, college, why we joined eHarmony.  It was by far the best first date I had ever been on.

After about two and half hours we decided to leave and he walked me to car and gave me hug.  It is kind funny about that hug because he wanted to kiss me but I have never kissed on first dates, even though I really wanted to on this one.  After that first date we talked every day.  He took me rock climbing the next weekend and then afterwards we ate dinner and we went to watch a movie.  I remember him walking me back to my car and he kissed me and after he pulled away he said “wow”. It was amazing to kiss him because it felt so right.  The next weekend we had the Susan G. Kolman Race for the Cure.  He participated in the guy portion of the race while I walked with my brother’s girlfriend and her family.  After the race we went to lunch with his parents because they were interested in meeting me.  Well we all hit it off and then a couple of weeks later he meet my parents. 

My parents absolutely adored him and were so excited that I was dating someone who they thought had a strong character.  Our relationship just kept growing through the months and it just felt so right to share all my moments with this amazing guy who balanced me in the right ways.  After about 7 months of dating I came to house one day like usual and he had set up an Easter egg hunt for me being Easter weekend and all.  I was thrown a little off guard because I was just coming by to see him and our lab, Skyler, who I usually come see every Saturday.  He had hidden 7 eggs around his house each containing a hint to the next egg along with a piece of banana laffy taffy, my favorite candy.  Each egg took me to a different spot in or around his house.  Well I got to the last egg and it was in basket on the window sill.  I opened it up and the note said “I love you.”  So I figured that was the end of my hunt and my prize being all the laffy taffy.  Nevertheless, there was one last note in the basket that I thought was just card and I was more interested in telling him the jokes on the back of the laffy taffy wrappers.  Jonathan said I needed to read the card and I did. 

The card said I had one more prize and it was out the window so I needed to look out the window.  When I looked out the window and had turned around to tell him I couldn’t see anything I found him down on one knee proposing to me.  To be honest I have clue as to what he said because I was so ecstatic and overwhelmed and I pretty much tackled him.  It has been an amazing experience having this relationship with this man who fits me perfectly.  I couldn’t ask for anything more in the man I want to marry.  Jonathan and I both are so glad we joined eHarmony because without it we would be who knows where and I’m so blessed to be where I am now with an amazing man who I can’t wait to see all the experiences we get to share.  Thanks eHarmony for the amazing relationship you helped place in our life. 

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