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Silvia and Kyle

Seattle, WA

We met each other through 'a mutual friend.' That friend: Dr. Neil Warren

When Kyle and Silvia were matched, they had very different reactions. Silvia saw a (however dashing and ridiculously good-looking) younger man who obviously couldn't be intent on a serious relationship. Kyle saw an angel who was obviously way out of his league. Always the optimist, Kyle shot a communication request over to Silvia...who promptly ignored it. Never one to give up without a fight, Kyle sent a couple "nudge" reminders. Finally, Silvia gave in, and something beautiful was started which continues to grow both now and tomorrow.

Since both Kyle and Silvia are very much into photography, Kyle decided to pour his ideas into something related to pictures. Armed with pictures from their many adventures, Kyle bought a red-bound album (with the clasp embroidered with the word "LOVE") and set out for the creative part of the proposal. He searched all around the things both of them encountered together in the life they had shared, finding the letters "W-I-L-L-Y-O-U-M-A-R-R-Y-M-E-?" on things like street signs, camera equipment, a website, product labels, and other places. He took macro pictures of these letters, blurring out other letters, and alternated pictures of them together on their adventures with the pictures of the letters. The final picture in the album was of the engagement ring.

When Silvia was presented with the album (with romantic music playing softly in the background), she was ecstatic...and didn't know what really lay inside. As she flipped through the pages, she had a suspicion that the letters were more than they seemed, but couldn't quite put a finger on why. Reaching the last picture (of the ring), she noted its beauty and began to close the album. Then, she realized what it was a picture of...and looked up to see Kyle with the ring in his hand.
"Silvia, will you be my wife?"

After at least 10-15 minutes of tears, a "Yes" squeaked out. Champagne was enjoyed, family was called, and excitement ensued.

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