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Steve and Debbi

Colchester, CT

Debbi and I were matched on December 18, 2005 and the moment I reviewed her profile I initiated communication.  I am not sure exactly what it was but there were certain things in her profile that jumped out at me and made me feel that she might be someone special.  I recall feeling that way from as soon as I began reviewing her information.  Despite the fact that it was the holiday time period, we breezed through the first stages of communications with ease and open communication was initiated right about the 1st of the year.  

Being somewhat of a conservative person, I had historically spent a great deal of time in open communication before providing a personal email but in this case I was really excited about communicating with her.  On January 3, 2006, I took the early plunge and provided her with not just my email but my phone number as well.  I assumed that I would hear from her in the coming days, but much to my surprise the phone rang that very evening… 

We talked a bit about our experience on eHarmony but quickly moved from into talking about each other and our lives.  Not being that much of a talker, I was amazed that 45 minutes had passed in what felt like 5 minutes.  We agreed to go meet in the next couple of days and said good night.  As soon as I hung up the phone I thought to myself “well, that sure was a nice conversation” and smiled and thought “Who knows?”    

We met up on Friday January 6, 2006 for dinner.  I arrived on time; Debbi came in her own time. Some might call it fashionably late, others might call it late, but Debbi would simply refer to it as Debbi time.  She claims that is ten minutes late but I think that is on the best of days. Fifteen to twenty minutes would really be more like it!  It was cold New England evening so I was waiting inside the restaurant in the foyer.  Standing there waiting for her I was wondering if there would be instant recognition.  I truly wasn’t very nervous but as I saw more and more people come through the anticipation grew. Is that her, nope; her, nope.  And then this person rounded the corner and I didn’t have any questions if it was her, but all I could think is “Oh my god, why in the world would this beautiful woman want to be here to meet me?!?!?!?”  She was stunning, absolutely stunning. I can still see her face as she smiled as I opened the door for her to come in.  Just as her voice had been so soothing to me, her look and her warmth immediately drew me to her.  

Dinner went very well and we decided to go sit in the bar area in order to extend the night a bit. The conversation was as smooth and as easy as the phone conversation and I found myself just amazed at the person who was sitting next to me.  We said goodnight and since that night, we really have never been out of touch.  Date number two came the next week, which lead to date three and four and five etc.  I could get into detail about each date in the same manner which I have with our first date, but I think the better story isn’t the dates - it is what exists between us and what we mean to each other.  

The days became weeks, the weeks became months and now it has been a year and three months since we met.  It seems so short, yet it feels like I have known her forever.  As a matter of fact, within a very short period of time I just couldn’t recall what my life had been like without her in it.  We still live apart from one another but yet there is not a moment when I feel we are away.  She exists deeply in my heart in a way that is so deep and moving that it can’t be put into words.  

On December 28, 2006 we went to New York City with our Mother's for a day in the city.  Took the train into the city, went to lunch, and went to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. That part they were all aware of since it was their Christmas present.  Then, as a surprise to Debbi and our Mother’s, we went to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Plaza.  At sunset, overlooking the Empire State Building all lit up in Christmas colors, in front of our Mom's I asked her to marry me.  Did I mention that the day was also marked with the fact that I woke up with the stomach flu?  It was a truly memorable day for all those involved and one I will always cherish!!!!!  

Thanks Dr. Neil Clark Warren!

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