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Patrick and Lisa

Lewisville, TX

I always knew that there was someone out there, looking just as hard for me as I was looking for her.  And thanks to eHarmony I found her!  I cannot sufficiently express in words how well we seem to be matched. I feel so positive when I am around her, and the ease with which we can talk to each other has really brought home how wonderful sharing one’s life with another can be.  We met in November of 2007 thanks to eHarmony and almost immediately started dating.  On Easter Sunday 2009 I asked her to marry me, and she said yes.  The really amazing thing is that at no point did I feel nervous.  She is so wonderful, expressive of her love for me, and supportive that I had no doubt she was “the one”.  I have never felt a connection this strong with anyone before, and all I have to say is that whatever system eHarmony is using to put people together – IT WORKS!

Lisa and I were both relatively recent transplants to Texas, and as I work in the video game development industry, and she works as a theater actress and both of us found it difficult to meet people to date.  eHarmony seemed like an easy choice for both of us.  Other sites didn’t seem too interested in your personality, whereas eHarmony seemed to want you to move at a slower pace and really consider each person you were matched with.  I met a lot of the people I was matched with and learned a great deal about dating.  There were many interesting, intelligent and wonderful women, but none of them really seemed to be the one for me.  Obviously there was the occasional mis-step, and the dating world can occasionally be a little harsh, but I found the articles and forum comments on eHarmony to be a really good bolster of support when I would get discouraged.  I also learned a great deal from the tips by Dr Warren, and I tend to think that the information provided gave me the ability to make a really positive impression when I finally met Lisa.  I was honest about myself, we kept our first meeting to less than an hour, and it was in a place where we both felt comfortable (a used book store with a coffee bar).  The conversation was mostly about what each of us was passionate about and because of that it flowed really smoothly.   We hit it off, but both knew that we were on eHarmony looking to build a serious relationship – something that would take time!  So we took it slowly and over time built something really really great.

I can’t imagine I would have met my Lisa without eHarmony’s help.  She lives about 30 miles from me, and we didn’t move in the same social circles.  I have been given so much as a result of eHarmony – from my beautiful fiancé, to rediscovering my love of theatre…  well, I just had to contact you and say thank you!

THANK YOU!  You have changed my life for the better in every way possible!

After sending my letter to her to read over, Lisa wanted to thank you too!

She says, “I dated rather aggressively over the last several years looking for the perfect man for me.  eHarmony helped me do this by introducing me to many matches and encouraging me to be persistent and open minded.  Sometimes there were so many matches it was hard to keep up with them all!  After many months, I was feeling like I needed a break from internet dating so I decided to let my subscription fall.  There was one match I had been communicating with, however, and just before the month was up, he asked to meet.  It was Patrick.  I liked him immediately, but based on past experiences I knew that only time would tell if there was long-term potential for us.   It has been a wonderful experience getting to know him and discovering that we have so much in common, from practical things to life goals and values.  Dating him was so easy!  He is what I have been waiting all these years to find – a supportive, respectful, generous, kind man who is my romantic partner and best friend.  Thank you so much eHarmony for introducing me to the love of my life!”

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