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Chandra and Brian

Pontiac, MI

People always ask us all the time, “So how did you two meet?”  Early in our relationship we decided to answer that question with, “through a mutual friend”.  We felt it was honest yet we could keep things private because we just did not know how people would respond to internet dating.  And as of February 15, 2009 (engagement day) I do not care who knows how I got him as long as I got him.

I never thought I would find him and he never thought he would ever find me.  We both were ready to live a solitary life feeling like we were outsiders and different never understanding why it seemed like we were the only ones meant to be alone but then… a love that feels like Heaven on Earth.  I was blessed with a man who treats me like a Queen.  A man who seems so unreal that many times I ask him, “Where did you come from?” So patient, loving, generous, attentive, strong, loyal.  A man who only has eyes for me: I am his first and his last.  I feel like all my life’s sadness, trials and tribulations have been rewarded.

With much gratitude, eHarmony I thank you. 

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