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Bridget and Aaron

Woodland Hills, CA

My friend Melissa and I ate dinner and discussed our lack of relationships. At Missy's urging we each had to brainstorm 5 different ways we could meet more men. One of her suggestions included on-line dating. I promised myself I would try eHarmony for one month.

At the end of the month I had 5 dates lined up...5 more than I had at the beginning of the month! Aaron was by far the best date...our first date lasted well into the night and I have enjoyed every moment since.

I was really sad that Aaron wouldn't be joining me for Christmas, but he promised to spend the next Christmas with me. We talked on the phone and texted and emailed constantly. On Christmas morning I turned off my phone and went downstairs to open gifts with my family. I was getting really annoyed because my dad was very busy texting and leaving the room to talk on the phone with someone...he told me it was my Uncle Ricky. I didn't suspect a thing until the doorbell rang and my dad asked me to get it (why would I get the door in his house?). My heart was beating really fast and I tried to keep my emotions in check...I really, really hoped it was Aaron surprising me, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. I took a deep breath in and opened the door. No one was standing there...I knew it was him...I stepped outside and closed the door. We hugged and hugged, smiled, and kissed...several times my sister opened the door, "Come on we should finish opening the presents." At this point only our parents knew that Aaron was going to propose (my dad loved being in on this covert operation). After he asked (I couldn't even tell you what he said, I could barely breathe and was focusing on saying, "yes")...we went inside and I showed my family the ring. My dad said, "Your hands seem to be shaking there Bridget." I think I am still shaking...

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