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Jessica and Mike

Oxnard, CA

We met face to face in November of 2003. Three months after we started dating, we sent our photo and story to eHarmony, because we were both so grateful to have met through your service. Here it is more than five years later and we're preparing to celebrate our first wedding anniversary April 19th, 2009. Thank you so much the service you provide singles who are really looking for that person they will connect will and spend a lifetime with. At our wedding, our DJ read to our guests our love story which he had composed based on each of our stories written individually. It was a beautiful way to share our experience with eHarmony and to share our love with our guests.

Mike's story ended with, “Jessica is the one for me I know this because we share everything without regret or fear so that makes us just about perfect for each other. We finish each other’s thoughts and know what the other would do in certain situations. This will not be a paragraph as I am a man of few words and do not have a flair for this kind of thing (Jess is the artistic one of us) so let me close with another cliché: she completes me and I could not envision myself with anyone else she is my reason I wake, work, and love.”

Jessica's story began, “I don’t think of Mike and I as having a “love story” as others might consider it. When I think of our relationship, I would call it more of a Life Story. Everything we have done in our lives lead us to the moment we met. Our good choices and our bad. Our successes and our failures. Our happy times and our scary moments. My 27 years of life and his 34 led us down a path to each other. And for this I will be forever grateful.” She ended by saying, “Having Mike to love, and Mike loving me back, is the safest, happiest and most comfortable thing I have ever experienced in my life. I feel secure. I feel warm and content; knowing he is there, loving me, makes me want to just let out a huge sigh. Finally, I think. It’s like I’ve been outside in a cold, wet storm, and I come home, open the front door to my house, and know I’m home. There is a fire in the fireplace, my robe and slippers are waiting for me, and the cat crawls into my lap, purring, as soon as I sit down. It’s that kind of sigh, that kind of contentment. I know that in him, I have a rock to support me. I have a friend who will always listen. I can be myself, without apologies or judgment. I can bloom and fade like a flower through the seasons, but come the following spring, he is there, my same nourishing, solid patch of earth, to greet me and help me up again, toward the sun.  So, like I said. I don’t know how much of a love story it is, but I know it’s the story of our lives. We just happen to be in love.”

When we first met, we developed a strong friendship and were pretty inseparable. We have had so many great moments together. We have also suffered losses, but endured them together and came out the other end closer to each other than before. Having that partner to depend on and to hold your hand when you need it is a wonderful thing. We have adopted two dogs since we married, and at least for now, feel our family is complete. We feel so blessed! Thank you again for bringing us together.

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