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Alex and Jennifer

Chicago, IL

It all started with the banana oatmeal breakfast. They met for the first time for brunch. She was captivated by his beautiful smile as he crossed the street to meet her. He just could not stop looking at her as they said hello for the first time, and hugged.  The conversation never really ended. They talked about her marathons, his love of wine, her dream to travel Europe, his goals and ambitions. And then, she ordered the banana oatmeal. So simple, yet so elegant, for that moment.  Banana oatmeal. She had him.  She had such grace about her. Beautiful person, inside and out, caring, she had an aura about her. He, in his entire masculinity, was enamored by her. He loved her simplicity and honesty. Before they said goodbye to each other, he had to make plans to see her again. He HAD to see her again... SOON. So they made plans to see each other, in three days. The love story continued. They shared so many interests, had so many of the same cares and goals, and were so much complementary to each other. Soon after their second date, he left for Europe for three weeks. He was there in person, but in his mind, all he can think about was her.  He couldn't wait for the moment when he was going to see her again. After they were reunited, and they went on their third, fourth, fifth date, they knew that this was it. Soon they were traveling to Europe to meet the rest of his family. She had a cat, he had a dog. His cat allergies disappeared, and his dog started accepting the cat... most of the time. They were engaged in a year and married 6 months later, in January 2008.

It is magical and wonderful to meet your true companion, your best friend, your partner, your soul mate. We found each other, and from the first moment we met, we felt so connected, our souls intertwined, that it felt just right. We could not and would not imagine our life paths going in any other direction. As we approach our first wedding anniversary, we look back and reflect on that first incredible moment when we met, the moment when we held each other for the first time, the moment when we immersed in each other. Every day, we celebrate our union, and we are grateful for the magical path that brought us together.

Thank you eHarmony.

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