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eHarmony Success Stories

So Close Yet So Far

Cathy and Rod

Sandy, UT

After 15 years of single life for myself and a recently divorced, yet hopeful, Rod, YOU are responsible for us finding each other, when we lived only "3" stop lights away from each other (yes, only "three"). This is AMAZING to us, since we are certain we may have never crossed paths with each other, if you hadn't introduced us, as our professional and personal lives take us in different directions! We are soooo compatible that it sometimes scares us, because of the familiarity and balance we have found in each other. Apparently, it's self-evident, as many people and friends who we meet or know us have told us that we compliment each other extremely well exclaiming, "you two look like you belong together.”


Our compatibility resonates so loudly that we can't help but recognize it, constantly, and can hardly believe two people could feel this complete and peaceful with each other, as if we've known each other several lifetimes. We feel sooooo lucky to have found each other and are so glad that we gave you (eHarmony) a chance, believing that you could be the vehicle for us to find a real and lasting relationship that's, now, ending (or beginning, I should say) in our Happily Ever After.


We are so happy that we would love to share what we've found with all single people in the world, who have lost hope that there truly is a soul mate out there for them somewhere and that eHarmony could be their vehicle to find that person, just 3 stop lights away.

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