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eHarmony Success Stories

So Close Yet So Far

Michael and Kristen

Amesbury, MA

Everyone we talk to thinks our story on how we met makes us a dream match. Kristen and I use to work for the same company but in different stores. One day in June I won Red Sox tickets through work. My manager and manager of marketing and one of the girls Kristen worked with were trying to get me to take her to the game. Not feeling comfortable about taking her I decided to take a friend instead. Well in July 2006 I ended meeting Kristen at a company outing, I apologized for not taking her and she accepted my apology. She ended up leaving the company a few months later for a new career.
On Christmas Day 2006 we were matched up by eHarmony and we began communicating. Even on our first date things went so great I couldn't wait for our second date. I ended up proposing to her Dec.7, 2007 under a Christmas tree in downtown Newburyport Ma. Everything is going great and we have a lot to thank to eHarmony matching us up. When we tell people our story they all say it was meant to be and without eHarmony we would have never found this out. We recommend eHarmony to anyone that asks.
Again thank you to eHarmony for finding the perfect match for Kristen and me. 


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