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eHarmony Success Stories

So Close Yet So Far

Ambre and Scott

Nashville, TN

I joined eHarmony after seeing the commercials non-stop on TV all throughout the Holidays.  I had been divorced for almost 9 years and had dated on and off since but hadn't really met anyone who I felt like I really connected with.  At first I was skeptical but decided to give it a try anyway because at that point the only relationship I was in was with Netflix and my couch.

I was matched to Scott.  We had our first date and it was the most fun I'd had on a first date ever.  He made me laugh, I felt at ease around him and it seemed like our backgrounds and interests were so similar it was uncanny.  Within a few weeks we were inseparable and pretty soon we had met each other’s friends and families and everyone we knew commented on how happy we seemed. In fact, they were amazed at how well matched we were!

I felt like I had met the man I'd been praying for all those years.  Here he was in person, in front of me, in love with me too.  For over ten years Scott and I had been living only a mile and a half from each other.  We frequented the same restaurants and stores.  Our post office boxes were literally 4 feet away from each other yet it took eHarmony for us to meet.

Thank you eHarmony!  We've inspired several of our friends to join because of our success in finding a real connection with someone.


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